new year’s resolute-NOTS

by @according2kelly on January 11, 2012

new-years-resolute-notsnew year’s resolutions have never exactly been my strong suit.  quite frankly, they’re hard to write, & bound to be disappointing.

& let’s be honest, i don’t think i’m ready for any disappointment quite yet – the year has just begun!

i’d like to think, make that i KNOW that twenty twelve is going to be a year of adventure, opportunity & success.

so instead of making a list of things i’m going to do, that deep-inside i know i probably won’t… i’m making a list of things that i will NOT do in 2012, in no particular order.

* i will not stop being grateful.
* i will not pretend i’m super mom.
* i will not stop crafting.
* i will not compare myself to others.
* i will not stop saying hell & damn, but i can promise you – that’s the worst of it.
* i will not let fear stop me.
* i will not cut my own bangs.
* i will not stop telling people my mom & sister are my best friends.
* i will not stop loving the target $1 aisle.
* i will not let anything stand in the way of my happiness.
* i will not stop blogging, although i won’t promise that it will be daily.
* i will not maintain my eyebrows on my own.
* i will not stop wishing i could wear my team sparkle skirt daily.
* i will not use my husband’s razor to shave my legs.
* i will not stop loving mocha almond fudge & mint ‘n chip ice cream.
* i will not stop trying to teach my children to be kind.
* i will not stop wishing i had a maid & a cook.
* i will not be afraid to get dirty.
* i will not stop going to disneyland nearly weekly.
* i will not stop looking for ways i can serve others.
* i will not stop wishing all my friends lived next door.
* i will not stop loving my dr. pepper chap stick

* i will not stop believing in myself.
* i will not forget the truths about motherhood.
* i will not stop traveling. (even if i never travel past utah, at least i’m traveling.)
* i will not let life get me down.
* i will not stop craving crushed ice.
* i will not stop {loving} the oc.
* i will not let having children, stop me from snowboarding.
* i will not stop watching general hospital.
* i will not become a professional karaoke-er.
* i will not stop loving green smoothies.
* i will not leave the toilet seat up.
* i will not stop my virtual friends from becoming real life friends.
* i will not be afraid of being real.
* i will not stop reading.
* i will not stop eating cupcakes.
* i will not stop wishing i could sleep more.
* i will not stop running, biking, swimming,or exercising in general.
* i will not be afraid to be me.
* i will not stop making spontaneous purchases.
* i will not stop ohhhing & ahhhing over my little girl.
* i will not stop eating cookies for breakfast.
* i will not stop trying to break my addiction.
* i will not stop thanking christ for all that i have.

so what will you not do in 2011?

Hailie Burgess
Hailie Burgess

I've recently found your website by accident while looking for some art cratfs. Amzing you! Thank you for your great work! Love all of your posts. :)


Aww I love this! "I will not give up" pretty much sums up everything I need to do this year.


I will NOT quit my blog or get lazy ;)


I forget you watch gh too. And can you give me your green smoothie recipe please!


I'm with you on this idea! I need to do a not list!

Run with Jess
Run with Jess

Awesome idea! Because I love so much of who I am right now! Thanks!


I love this list. Such a unique way of looking at things. I will not apologize for being exactly who I am. Pink hair and all. Have to admit though, kind of jealous you can go to Disney whenever you want. We have annual passes to WDW and don't get to go nearly enough.

tasha @healthy diva
tasha @healthy diva

Great idea! I have never been the best at keeping my resolutions either. Now you have me thinking about what I am not going to do in 2012.....

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