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by @according2kelly on January 23, 2012

i’m gearing up to run my first race of the year… runDisney’s inaugural tinkerbell half marathon.

& while i’m busy finalizing the last minute details of my “running costume” (unlike my last disney race, wings will not be involved – however i’m pretty sure i will be involved in a sword fight or two), i thought i’d share with you my running essentials…running-essentials-by-according-to-kelly

the best part though? not only am i sharing my running essential favorites, YOU have the chance to win it all! one lucky person is going to win the whole kit & caboodle.

trust me when i say, this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss. whether or not you’re a runner, i’m giving away some pretty fabulous goodies – have i mentioned that there’s chocolate involved?

according to kelly’s running essentials

* endorphin warrior: i love my CONQUER warrior training bracelet – i must admit, i rarely take it off. just as it did when i was running hood to coast, my CONQUER bracelet has continued to inspire & motivate me. i honestly think i need to order another one – i think BELIEVE is next.

* go sport id: i often run at night. i often run alone. i can’t help it – that’s just the way it works out. so, i want to be prepared, i want to be protected. that’s why i wear my go sport id – in case of an emergency (crossing my fingers & knocking on wood it doesn’t come in handy anytime soon). my go sport id contains contact information for loved ones, allergy information & more, so i can get possibly live-saving medical treatment asap.

* inperspire: i love what inperspire says… “you supply the sweat, we supply the motivation.” so true. my “stronger, faster, better” towel has become my mantra – i can’t imagine working out, or running without it.

* kt tape: another one of my must-have-can’t-leave-home-without-it products. i carry kt tape in my purse, that’s how much of an ubber fan i am. i honestly believe, that it would be impossible for me to run without this around my knees. i don’t know how, but after applying kt tape, something magical happens, the pain goes away, & i’m actually able to run.

* nuun: i never leave home without it. i’ve already waxed philosophical about nuun on mulitple occasions – but just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock & still don’t know how i feel about nuun – with 0 sugars, 0 carbs, only 8 calories & tons of electorlytes, it’s my secret weapon, it’s what powers me through workouts, races & every day life.

* onelove collections: all of the headbands are amazing, although i do have a soft spot for the tye dye version. i don’t know what i loved more about it – the way this headband matches my team sparkle skirt perfectly, or how fabulous it feels on my head. this headband is definitely a staple. not only does it hold my hair back & keep the sweat out of my eyes – but it actually looks cute too (which very few headbands manage to do).

* run like a mother & the highly anticipated train like a mother: these books are a nightstand essential for any mother runner, soon-to-be-mother, or runner in general. it’s my go-to guide book & often reminds me that “i’m not alone.” i love this book so much i give it away, constantly. in fact, i no longer even own a copy, because i keep giving it away. &, i am literally counting down the days until the new book is released.

* run pretty far: a technical tee that’s cute & comfortable?! i was immediately sold! but this particular shirt is just awesome… “run happy. run grumpy. run speedy. run slow. run a little. run a lot.” – whatever you do, just RUN!

* team sparkle: skirt & race legs – as team sparkle says… run hard. run pretty. there is NO better feeling than passing a guy while wearing a team sparkle skirt. seriously – being passed by a girl, has got to hurt. being passed by a girl in a skirt, must suck. but being passed by a girl in a team sparkle skirt? i can’t even imagine the humiliation guys must feel.

* tommie copper: i may love running, but my body doesn’t. for a long time i was worried i’d have to overcome my addiction to running, because of all of my injuries. but then i discovered tommie copper compression. i can often be found wearing my tommie copper knee & calf sleeves – i don’t know how or why they work, they just do. it’s a modern-day miracle.

* utah truffles: let’s be honest… while it’s true, i do love to run, it didn’t start out that way. deep down, i run for one reason – to eat. i want to be able to enjoy cupcakes, cookies & chocolate without feeling “bad.” so i run. & my absolute, most favorite treat ever? milk chocolate mint truffles. ask my friends – i’ve been known to hoard these, & hide utah truffles in my purse. they are absolutely to-die-for, & are always my post-run treat.

according to kelly’s running essentials giveaway

ready to win? you have the chance to win all of my favorites! yep! yep! one lucky person will win…

* endorphin warrior: winner’s choice of one endorphin warrior bracelet

* go sport id: $25 gift card to go sport id

* inperspire: winner’s choice of one inperspire workout towel

* kt tape: one roll each of lime, pink & turquoise colored kt tape pro

* nuun: mixed 4-pack of nuun & a nuun bottle

* onelove collections: winner’s choice of onelove collections headband

* run like a mother & the highly anticipated train like a mother: one signed copy of the book run like a mother AND a certificate for the soon-to-be-available book train like a mother

* run pretty far: “just run” technical tee

* team sparkle: winner’s choice of team sparkle skirt & race legs

* tommie copper: winner’s choice of tommie copper ankle, calf, knee or elbow sleeves

* utah truffles: $50 utah truffles gift certificate

ready to enter? with over $300 worth of fabulous running essential, i’m giving you 15 different ways to enter. luckily,rafflecopter makes it easy-peasy to enter.

but don’t dawdle, this giveaway closes on tuesday, january 31st at 12am EST.

confused about how to enter a giveaway using rafflecopter? here’s a video on their site explaining how to use rafflecopter to enter giveaway.

FYI blog comments are closed on this post due to usage of rafflecopter… you can comment via rafflecopter.

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