becoming tinkerbell

by @according2kelly on February 9, 2012

becoming tinkerbell (or at least creating a tinkerbell inspired running costume) isn’t all that difficult.

today i’ll hold your hand through the entire process, making sure you’re totally & completely prepared to fly through your next race.

whether it’s a runDisney event (like the princess half, disneyland half, tinkerbell half just to name a few), or any other event you might need some wiiiiiings for…

signature-tinkerbell-buni’ve found that the key to a good running costumes is in the “details…” the little touches that make a costume for running really stand out from the rest.

tinkerbell’s signature bun is one such detail.


going for the full “effect” is easy if you’re already blonde, if not you can always dye your hair blonde or even wear a wig. but the easiest way to achieve the signature tinkerbell bun is the sock bun.

the key is to wear the sock bun high on your head, & for a little extra pizzaz! – tie a lime green ribbon around the sock bun.

* don’t want to dye your hair or wear a wig? no worries, just sport your sock bun with confidence. or, you could always wear a yellow hat, or the tinkerbell ear hat.

tinkerbell-costume-for-runningokay, okay… if you want to get technical, tinkerbell’s wings are sometimes white, sometimes pale blue & sometimes lime green.

personally, i prefer the lime green because they “pop” more in pictures. & let’s be honest, if you’re dressing up in a tinkerbell running costume, you want great pictures. so go with the lime green team sparkle wings – you won’t be disappointed.

tinkerbell-wingsworried about running in wings? have no fear! i’ve ran two half marathons wearing wings.

yep! yep! i’ve ran 13.1 miles while wearing wings TWICE. and along the way i learned a few tips on how to wear wings while running. follow my suggestions & you’ll be a wing-running-pro in no time at all.

run-disney-costumei don’t know about you, but i’m not all comfortable running in a tube top…. but pair a lime colored running shirt (i got mine at target), with a matching lime green team sparkle skirt & you’ve got very run-able outfit the screams tinkerbell!

tinkerbell-runningif you’re trying to be as authenticate as possible, take some scissors to that brand new lime colored running shirt & give it a more “jagged” feel. i’m sure tink would approve.

tinkerbell-costume-rundisneyremember earlier when i said the key to a good running costume is “details?” well tinkerbell shoe pom poms are one such detail.

pom poms are totally easy to make, even someone who claims they aren’t crafty can make pom poms. all you’ll need is some yarn & a couple of minutes.

tinkerbell-pom-pomsonce again with the technicalities,  tinkerbell’s shoe pom poms are actually white. but, lime green pom poms look so much better in pictures & really grab your eye. but in the end, it’s really up to you!

tinkerbell-running-costume-checklistonce you’ve gathered all the necessities for your tinkerbell running costume, be sure to sprinkle yourself with a little pixie dust to ensure that you are able to fly through your race!



Your shoe pom poms are super cute and I'd like to make some for my running group to wear in an upcoming race. How did you attach the pom poms to your shoes and did you have any trouble keeping them on the entire race?


Thanks for the instructions!


I love it! I'll have to incorporate a little pixie fun in one of my runs. Thanks for the step by step!


I've been a lurker for awhile, but I just wanted to come out and tell you that your recent blog posts have inspired me to start running again and I even signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon. So I hope to see you there and keep up the great work with your blog.


You looked adorable as Tink! I'm going to have to grow my hair out if I want to be Tink again at Wine and Dine :)


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