fast food inspired, thai noodle salad

by @according2kelly on April 20, 2012


when you’re carbo loading you want that perfect mixture of carbs, protein – without it being too heavy.

i’ve never been a huge fan of spaghetti (it’s not that it’s not good – it is. spaghetti is just so boring – you know what i mean?).

so when i stumbled upon the recipe for fast food inspired thai noodle salad (that i totally stole borrowed from fresh & easy), i knew it would be the perfect “last meal” before i hit the pavement running the ragnar relay.

& let me tell you, it was the perfect choice. a little bit of thai – in all the right places. it was sweet & had a little crunch (that i loved), not to mention it tasted just as good this morning, if not better.

fast food inspired thai noodle salad

thin spaghetti
broccoli slaw
bean sprouts
cooked chicken
peanut butter
slivered almonds
fresh & easy thai chili lime sauce

1. boil a pot of water and cook your pasta – the pasta takes just about 5 minutes once the water’s ready.
2. meanwhile, cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.
3. once the pasta’s ready and drained, add a bit of peanut butter (to suit your taste) & stir through the warm noodles so it melts nicely and distributes evenly. (just be careful not to add too much peanut butter or it thickens up quite a bit. you just want that light peanutty taste.)
4. then, mix in your cut-up chicken and as much (or as little) of the broccoli slaw, bean sprouts & slivered almonds as you choose, and finish by pouring a tablespoon or two of the thai chili lime sauce per serving and dinner is done!

it can be served room temperature, or warm – either way it’s delicious!



I love making this! So easy and my hubby likes it too.


it's YUMMY. Next time I think I'm going to make it into wraps!

Karen Moss
Karen Moss

Seems pretty easy to prepare and looks delicious too. I'm gonna try this. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


Yay! I'm so glad like it too. I'd love to try your version. I bet we make it different.

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