just say NO! to jugs

by @according2kelly on May 1, 2012

i have a confession to make…. i’ve been a big-box of powder detergent kind of girl, for practically forever.

my mother has always used a big-box of powder detergent, & probably her’s before her.

so i was definitely a bit skeptical regarding method’s “claim” that their itty-bitty bottle could really clean 50 loads of laundry better than my beloved-big-box of powder detergent.

even though noah, my favorite bearded mountain man/ official spokesinger of method promised it was so… could it really be possible that 4 squirts of method’s laundry detergent could really get my laundry (which is usually filled with grass & mud stains, not to mention all the sweat-soaked work out clothes) clean?


after 30+ hours, and running nearly 45 miles, i realized i had the perfect “test” load of laundry. if method could clean this dirty & smelly load of laundry (who knew a van full of girls could stink so bad?!), it could clean anything…


four squirts & one sweaty, stinky, sparkly load of laundry later – & i’m a believer.

i’m not going to lie, & pretend i wasn’t tempted to add a few extra “pumps” of method laundry detergent, because i was. but i held strong, & am thrilled to be able to report…

i’m done with my big-box of powdered detergent & saying goodbye to jugs!

from now on, i’m a four-pump-fresh-air-scented-method-laundry-detergent kind of girl. what about you? are you brave enough to say no to jugs?!

say no to jugs “chore no more” photo contest

say-no-to-jugs-with-method-laundry-detergentthink doing laundry is a chore (i know i do!)?! submit a photo that “documents what makes doing a laundry a chore – such as using heavy jugs that are prone to spilling” to method’s facebook page during the month of may & you might win a year’s supply of method detergent, or be one of 25 people who will receive a a laundry starter kit (two 8-load bottles).

say no to jugs coupon

say-no-to-jugs-method-couponfeeling inspired just say NO! to jugs?! during the month of may, method will be offering a $2.00 off coupon for method detergent, every THURSDAY, on method’s facebook pageunder the “perks” tab.

& don’t worry, canadian residents can feel the method love too. but, instead of printing the physical coupon, canadian residents will be able to get $2 off method products available at http://well.ca using the discount code “WASHME.”

disclosure: this post is brought to you by the people against dirty. however, i was seduced my method cleaning products years ago, & all opinions are 100% my own. feel free to join the campaign to clean happy & clean like a mother on their facebook page.






You have me convince to give it a try. I also didn't think it would work. I will have to check and see if they have a fragrance free version.


Kelly! You are genius! And not just because you discovered this magic potion laundry mist but because or you explained every thought and emotion I have on a regular basis while doing laundry. You are a gifted writer!! I am buying this stuff tomorrow! Thanks Kel!

Caryn B
Caryn B

LOVE Method! I'll look for the coupon this week. Thanks!

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