high five a rainbow

by @according2kelly on June 11, 2012

if you haven’t figured it out already, i’m addicted to method– have been for years. in fact, my cupboards are stocked with a rainbow of cleaning products.


although, i have to admit, if i had to pick a favorite product, it would be an easy choice… method hand soap always has (& always will be) be my “gateway drug.”

you have to admit… the rainbow of method hand soap colors & fragrances are pretty hard to resist. & i’m not the only one who thinks so.high-five-a-rainbow

when it came time to potty train charlie, method hand soap was the the only thing that seemed to motivate her.

you see, she too is addicted to method hand soap.

in fact, i’ve actually had to restrict her hand washing, otherwise she would wash her hands all day & night. (luckily, method hand soap doesn’t contain triclosan, an unnecessary & potential harmful chemical, so i don’t have to worry about charlie, or anyone else in my family, continuing to be addicted & washing their hands over & over.)


but, when she realized she got to wash her hands after every trip to the potty…. well, let’s just say that potty training became a snap!

we even made up a little song to sing (based on the song brusha brusha brusha from grease):

washa washa washa
kill the germs & bug
with our method soap
that’s dandy for our hands

although, i have to admit i think i prefer noah’s (my favorite bearded mountain man/ official spokesinger of method) rendition of HIS hand washing anthem…

high five a rainbow hand washing anthem

drop some soap on those digits, brother
method hand wash comes in so many colors

it’s like high five-ing a rainbow
it’s like tickling cherry pie
it’s like a world of sexy flowers
blossoming into a unicorn ski
i wanna ride…

drop some hand wash on those digits, brother
it’ natural and comes in so many colors

left hand right hand
wash them both at the same time

high five a rainbow facebook contest

high five a rainbow contestjust like the “guess-how-many-marbles-are-in-the-jar” contests – this month method is asking fans on their facebook page to guess how many bottles of method hand soap it took to build the spectacular rainbow light installation.

the brainiac with the closest guess will win a $100 gift card to soap.com to stock up on method goodies AND, their very own rainbow of handwash (a set of 7 colorful method hand soaps). nine runner ups will win a $50 gift card. fans can guess daily for more chances to win, on the method facebook page. but start guess though, contest ends june 28.

disclosure: this post is brought to you by the people against dirty. however, i was seduced my method cleaning products years ago, & all opinions are 100% my own. feel free to join the campaign to clean happy & clean like a mother on their facebook page.

Jennifer C
Jennifer C

Great post! Love Method products!


Thanks! I don't think anyone can help but LOVE Method. That stuff is amazing.

Siobhan @ SiobhanMcCarthy.ca
Siobhan @ SiobhanMcCarthy.ca

I love method too!!! And how cute is it that Charlie loved to wash her hands so much!


I honestly thinks she often goes to the bathroom JUST to wash her hands! Washa Washa Washa!

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