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by @according2kelly on June 3, 2012


ragnar socal leg 3

ragnar-socal-leg-3my first ragnar socal leg {leg 3} started at centennial regional park in santa ana at 12:40pm. to say it was hot would be an understatement.

running along the santa ana river trail, it was approximately 103 degrees. luckily, it was fairly flat,  short & fast. my biggest concern the entire time, was trying to conserve my energy… i was worried i would go out to fast & hard, leaving “nothing in the tank” for my 11 mile leg, that was looming in the somewhat near future.

ragnar socal leg 3 results

* 5.7 “moderate” miles

* total time: 48 minutes, with an average pace of 8:25 minutes/ mile

* road kills: 2

ragnar socal leg 9


my second leg {leg 9} started at iglesia la senda church in corona, around 4:49pm. luckily, it had finally started to cool off, a wee bit – meaning it was only 100 degrees outside. unfortunately, i hadn’t paid much attention to the elevation gain – so i was a bit surprised to realize almost the entire leg was slightly uphill.

even though this was one of my shorter legs, it was probably my least favorite. simply because the majority of the leg was spent running the main “drag” during rush hour traffic.

this meant, i sprinted from street light to street light, with rest breaks being forced upon me as i waited for red lights to turn green – not exactly the ideal situation for a speedy leg. although, it did give me the opportunity to bum an already opened bottle of warm water off one of the rush hour cars.

ragnar socal leg 9 results

* 5.2 “moderate” miles

* total time: 51 minutes, with an average pace of 9:48 minutes/ mile {thank you stop lights}

* road kills: 4

ragnar socal leg 15


after re-fueling at taco bell (doritos tacos are so yummy), my third leg {leg 15} started at the centerpoint church in murrieta, around 10:32pm. being a “nighttime” run, i was geared up in a reflective vest (complete with flashing LED tail light) & a head lamp. although, my team sparkle skirt was probably the most reflective thing i wore – gotta love that!

most of the run was on abandoned streets in the middle of nowhere – which was both incredibly freeing & a bit nerve wracking at the same time. i was constantly worried that i had made a wrong turn, or missed a marker. luckily, i could usually spy a teeny tiny red flashing LED light somewhere off in the distance, giving me a little comfort that i was most likely on the right track.

i ran almost the entire leg utterly & completely alone. until the last mile. the part of the leg was run on old town front street in temecula, which is filled with restaurants & clubs. since it was late, on a friday night there were people everywhere – which i loved. & the music spilling out from the bars, definitely put a little pep in my step, helping finish strong.

unfortunately, i must have finished a little too strong, or a least faster than expected, because when i arrived there was no one from my team there to greet me. i have to admit i was a wee bit frustrated, but luckily they quickly arrived & team sparkle was soon “back in action.”

ragnar socal leg 15 results

* 8.5 “very hard” miles

* total time: 1 hour & 9 minutes, with an average pace of 8:07 minutes

* road kills: 20

ragnar socal leg 21


my fourth leg {leg 21} started at the escondido county club in escondido, around 3:28am. i don’t know it was because it was late at night, or because something terrible happened that i’m trying to block from my memory. but – i can’t remember a single detail from the entire run. it must have been awesome!

although, i do remember receiving this text from my hubby just prior to running…

ragnar socal leg 21 results

* 3.9 “easy” miles 3.9 miles in 31 minutes; 10 kills

* total time: 31 minutes, with an average pace of 7:56 minutes

* road kills: 10

ragnar socal leg 27


my fifth leg {leg 27} started at the san diego heritage museum in encinitas, around 7:19am. i started off running down hill (right past one of the best cupcakeries in all of southern california – elizabethan desserts, to bad it wasn’t open yet).

from there i hit the trails, wandering in & out of several housing developments before reaching PCH & old downtown encinitas.

i ran past several sidewalk cafes just as they were opening for breakfast, which reminded me of how hungry i was. and then finally, i caught my first sight of the beach – i could  almost taste the finish line, just one more leg to run!

ragnar socal leg 27 results

* 5.5 “moderate” miles

* total time:45 minutes, with an average pace of 8:10 minutes

* road kills: 17

ragnar socal leg 33


my sixth (& final) leg, leg 33 started at mission bay park in san diego, around 12:14pm.

from the beginning, my run got off to a rocky start…

the first four miles, i met with a really strong head wind. just as it started to let up i encountered “the hill.”

i must have been too consumed with the thought of running 11 miles, too have noticed this little “blip” on the map.

because i definitely wasn’t prepared for the super-steep-straight-up-400-foot-elevation-gain-in-less-than-a-quarter-mile-climb that awaited me. luckily what goes up, must come down… wahooooo!

as i continued on running along san diego bay, i knew i was on the home stretch. & then, right around mile 8, my mental toughness started to fade.

maybe it’s because i had already run 35 miles, in the last 24 hours.

maybe it’s because i hadn’t slept in over 30 hours.

maybe it’s because i hadn’t eaten much more than pb&j, taco bell doritos tacos, chocolate milk, pita chips & hummus, and a mcdonald’s mcgriddle.

whatever the reason, i was struggling. & the only thing keeping me going was knowing that my team was waiting for me, a measly 3 miles away, at the next exchange.

just then, i reached a fork in the road where a couple of runners were gathered, looking bewildered.

the trail we had been running continued straight, however there was a fork on the left, that looked like the right way to go. but, there was no ragnar signage directing us which way to run.

within a few minutes we had group of approximately 20 runners. several people had maps, but we discovered t

here were no specific instructions for this exact point.

several people in the group reminded us that in the safety meeting we had been told “if there’s no sign, continue to run straight.”

so, straight we ran (crossing our fingers, hoping & praying that we had chosen wisely). unbeknownst to us, we ran directly onto harbor island.

we ran 2 miles, the entire length of the island (collecting other lost runners with us as we ran), before we came to a dead end & realized that this was definitely NOT the way.

we ended up backtracking to where we had first had gone astray. 4 miles later we arrived back mile 8 where someone was now sitting & directing runner traffic (a little too late, in our case).

at this point i (& everyone else) was extremely frustrated. having already run 12 miles & being in an extremely weak state of min

d, it took every ounce of self-control not to burst into tears as i ran the remaining 3 miles to the exchange.

once i was able to pass off “the baton” i finally burst into tears, & collapsed on the ground in complete and utter disappointment (something totally uncharacteristic of me), because i had totally let my team down.

ragnar socal leg 33 results

* 15.5 “very hard” miles

* total time: 2 hours & 17 minutes, with an average pace of 8:50 minutes

* road kills: 21

final ragnar socal results

* i ran a total of 44.5 miles, spending a total time of 6 hours & 21 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 54 seconds per mile), amassing 74 kills.

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Siobhan @
Siobhan @

You're crazy and I love it!! Congrats on finishing! And that last leg sounded completely frustrating! I would have cried too. 44.5 miles in 6 hours and 21 minutes? 2 words-- Rock. Star!


Ahhhh! You're so sweet! That leg (obviously) had me in tears. It was just too much for me to handle. I was so ready to be done. At that point, running had ceased to be "fun." Thanks for your kind words - it means so much!


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