team sparkle FINISHES ragnar so cal

by @according2kelly on June 4, 2012


just before 6pm on saturday, april 21st, 2012 team sparkle crossed the finish line.


together as a team, we ran a total of 200 208 miles, all the way from huntington beach to san diego, in 29 hours, 30 minutes & 45 seconds, (an average pace of 8 minutes & 30 minutes/ mile), passing a total of 455 other runners.


team sparkle final ragnar so cal results

* linda ran a total of 40.2 miles, spending a total time of 5 hours & 43 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 31 seconds per mile), amassing 61 kills.

* kenna ran a total of 37.3 miles, spending a total time of 4 hours & 57 minutes running (averaging 7 minutes & 57 seconds per mile), amassing 62 kills.

* kelly ran a total of 44.5 miles, spending a total time of 6 hours & 21 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 54 seconds per mile), amassing 74 kills.

* tamra ran a total of 26.7 miles, spending a total time of 4 hours running (averaging 8 minutes & 59 seconds per mile), amassing 76 kills.

* carrie ran a total of 30.2 miles, spending a total time of 4 hours & 14 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 24 seconds per mile), amassing 95 kills.

* elise ran a total of 29.9 miles, spending a total time of 4 hours & 14 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 29 seconds per mile), amassing 87 kills.

* team sparkle ran a total of 208 miles, spending a total time of 29 hours & 30 minutes running (averaging 8 minutes & 30 seconds per mile), amassing 455 kills.

team sparkle came in 2nd place in the women’s ultra division (missing 1st place by a mere 16 minutes – remember the extra 4 miles i ran in leg 33? my 32+ minute “joy run” was coming back to haunt me), & 49th overall, out of 526 teams.

we were the 3rd womens team, & the 6th (out of all 24) ULTRA team (including mens, womens & mixed ULTRA teams) to cross the finish.

but what i’m personally the most proud of? the fact that we walked away with the ragnar so cal “homecoming” award baton. meaning that everyone running the ragnar so cal voted us the overall favorite team! wahoooooooooo!

of course, this amazing journey would never have happened without the help of our amazing “support team” consisting of our incredibly-capable-needs-no-sleep driver, mark, angry julie our photographer and official social media guru, & our amazing sponsors…

running a relay is always going to be hard, but having NUUN, LaraBar, KT Tape, BENGAY, honey stinger, SKINS compression, fresh & easy, SPI belt, chocolate milk, & hit the mark fitness along for the ride – made it all that much better, & even a wee bit easier.

would i do it again? absolutely! in a heart beat. after all, i can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend, than accomplishing the “impossible” with my best friends.

i learned many thing about myself, about my friends during those 29 hours. but the one “thing” i will take away from all this? the one “thing” i will never again take for granted?

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Just found your blog via you following me on twitter! (redrunningshoe) Gotta say I FREAKING LOVE the Team Sparkle gear & van. What a way to spend a weekend!!! Running and getting sparkly with your closest girlfriends...awesome! Congrats on an amazing result too! woohoo!


Thank you! Thank you! It really was a wonderful weekend. & the Sparkle just added to the entire experience.

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