i’m taking charge & attempting the impossible

by @according2kelly on July 5, 2012

on the table next to my bed is where i keep my favorite books.

don’t mis-understand me. it’s not the only place i keep books, as a voracious reader, my house is filled with books.

but my bedside table is reserved for my absolute favorites. & recently, i’ve added one more book to this ever-growing stack of all-time-favorites-&-must-reads…

brendon burchard’s the charge.

you see, i’m a self-admitted-self-help-book-junkie, & i’m always willing to listen to someone interested in sharing their secrets for living a more fulfilled life… & brendon burchard is definitely that guy.

after surviving a near-deadly car accident, brendon burchard found himself wondering “did i live? did i love? did i matter?” and has purposely set out to live a more “charged” life, ever since that fateful day.

his latest book the charge has taught me (& can teach you as well) HOW to activate the 10 human drives that make you feel alive.

but, the charge is so much more than a book – it’s like an easy-to-follow-how-to-live-a-charged-life-guidebook.

break out your highlighter & be ready to take notes (am i the only person who reads like this?), the book is filled with stories, real-life-examples, & my favorite… challenges.

one of my most life-changing take-aways? daily reflection.

in his chapter on striving for competence, brendon burchard encourages the reader to take some time at the end of every day and take a moment to think & “look at all you accomplished today. don’t think about what youdidn’t accomplish. just think about what you did achieve, even if it wasn’t changing the entire world in one masterstroke… think about all you’ve done, and simply say to yourself,i’m progressing. one small step at a time, i’m progressing.”

but that wasn’t my only “aha!” moment.

after reading the charge i decided “think big & be bold” which resulted in me doing something i swore i’d never do again– register for a marathon.

i’ve run a marathon before, & hated every single minute of it. whenever someone asked if i’d run another, my answer was always the same… “impossible.”

well, thanks to brendon burchard’s the charge, this fall i’m attempting the impossible.

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