summer sunday bbq’s

by @according2kelly on July 29, 2012

i love summer. but then again, who doesn’t?!

endless days at the pool. afternoon at the beach – it’s a tough life, but someone has to live it.

but more than summer itself, i love our traditional summer sunday bbq’s.

the menu is nearly always the same – sizzling country ribs, patio beans, cheese bread & tortellini spinach salad.

but we’ve recently had a new addition to the line up…

hansen’s natural soda.

all summer long our fridge has been stocked with a rainbow of flavors… creamy root beer, mango orange, cherry vanilla creme &  kiwi strawberry.

i love that there’s no caffeine, no preservatives, & no high fructose corn syrup.

my kids love that it tastes good.

it’s the perfect summer, an ideal sunday bbq accompaniment & my favorite way to unwind after a “hard” day at the beach.

to find out more about hansen’s natural soda, visit their website, follow them on twitter at @hansensnatural, or “like” hansen’s natural soda on facebook

disclosure: over the next 3 months i will be sharing posts with you as part of a compensated campaign for hansen’s natural soda. all opinions are my own.



Love this post and I agree there is nothing like a summer BBQ. This year we have been cooking out more and more and I love it. Sad that we are almost to August! Thanks for posting! Everywhere loves working with you and looks forward to many more projects!


It is crazy that august is here! It actually makes me so sad! What are YOUR favorite bbq must-haves?

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