cross my fingers, say a prayer & run like hell

by @according2kelly on September 21, 2012

i’ve traded in my perfume for the constant scent of bengay & biofreeeze.

the blackened toenails (& a few that have been lost all together) are just a few of my war wounds.

i’m an admitted kind bar, GU, picky bars & nuun hydration addict.

the kt tape & obvious affair with my foam roller & tiger tail are just a few signs of my dedication.

my skins compression tights, go sport id & endorphin warrior bracelet have been my constant companions.

& checking the color of my pee, making sure i’m properly hydrated, has become an everyday activity.

these are just some of  the things that occur when you are training for a marathon.


it’s crazy to think…

after weeks and months of training.

tempo runs, speed workouts, long runs – literally thousands of miles ran.

it all boils down to this.

one morning. one day. one race.

for me – tomorrow is that day.

MY day.

right now, i’m a bundle a nerves.

i am literally riding an emotional roller coaster.

happy. nervous. excited. anxious. full of worry & anticipating what’s to come.

there are butterflies in my stomach & my brain is over-thinking every possible “what if.”

& yet… i’ve done all i can.

all there is left to do is cross my fingers, say a little prayer & run like hell.

wish me luck.

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