ditch the sheet!
i’m a method fabric softener spray kinda girl

by @according2kelly on September 12, 2012

i’ll admit it. i am slightly addicted to dryer sheets.

actually, correction – i was slightly addicted to dryer sheets.


while i may have been known to add one, two (& sometimes even three) dryer sheets to the drying cycle (what can i say? i love the soft, fresh smelling clothes!)

i am proud to announce that i have finally broken FREE of my addiction… thanks to a little help from my friends at method.

i’m sure i’m not the only one who has discovered the fabulousness that is the method fabric softener spray.

i’ll be honest… i always felt a slight twinge of guilt whenever i used a dryer sheet or two. as good as they smell, & as soft as they make our clothes, it just felt so wasteful (did you know that dryer sheets can’t be composted or recycled after use & are often made from with animal fat?! yuck!).

enter method fabric softener spray.

while i was definitely skeptical that a spray could compete with my beloved dryer sheets, i was oh so wrong.


with just a few sprays, the method dryer-activated fabric softener spray softens fabric, eliminates wrinkles & leaves my laundry smelling amazing.

although, the decision is still out as to whether  i like the fresh air or lavendar scent better.

have i mentioned that i’m in love?

actually, i still hate doing laundry – but this makes it just a wee bit better. even noah (my favorite bearded mountain man/ official spokesinger of method) agrees…

oh! & the bonus?! i’ve found the method fabric softener spray to be perfect for those “in-between-wash” moments of life!

i’ve used it to eliminate wrinkles on t-shirts & i may have used it once or twice to “refresh” an outfit that i didn’t have time to wash. shhhhh! don’t tell!

so who’s ready to “ditch the sheet” with me? i’m proud to be a method fabric softener spray kinda girl.

disclosure: this post is brought to you by the people against dirty. however, i was seduced my method cleaning products years ago, & all opinions are 100% my own. feel free to join the campaign to clean happy & clean like a mother on their facebook page.



Ad K.
Ad K.

I'll be looking out for this in the store. I would love to try this. One question, will it spray to empty the bottle? Nothing worst than having the bottle with a good amount left in the bottom and no way to access it!


I'm willing to try it too. I'll admit, I'm afraid it will stain the clothes by spraying it on them. But, if it is working for others, I'm willing to try it....on my towels first. :)

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