pink your sink

by @according2kelly on October 4, 2012

pink your sink?! i’ve done it, in fact i’ve pinked every sink in my house.

the question is have you pinked YOUR sink?!


i’m joining with method this month asking people to “lather up to promote breast cancer awareness” with the limited edition “pink your sink” botanical garden and mimosa sun hand soaps that are now available in grocery stores throughout the US and canada, as well as

but wait…. there’s more. during the month of october, method is asking YOU, their facebook fans where it should donate $10,000 in support of breast cancer awareness & research.


so make sure to nominate an organization that has touched you or your loved ones in some way, on the method facebook page (the nomination period ends, october 7th, 2012)…. i’ve already nominated the breast center at the john wayne cancer institute.

then be sure to re-visit the method facebook page october 8th – october 21st, 2012 to vote for your favorite nominee.

at the end of the month, FOUR charities will be chosen to receive a $2,500 gift from method! wahooooooo!


oh, & don’t worry. you can always do more that just “pink your sink.” with the entire line of method products you can pink everything & anything.

disclosure: this post is brought to you by the people against dirty. however, i was seduced my method cleaning products years ago, & all opinions are 100% my own. feel free to join the campaign to clean happy & clean like a mother on their facebook page.



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