mercury glass votive cup tutorial
{from kara noel}

by @according2kelly on November 4, 2012

for the entire month of november we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season.

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today, our featured blogger is kara noel, of eli’s’ lids. kara noel writes…

I’m so excited to share my holiday table flare with this year’s Holiday Craft Along! I was drooling over noticed these mercury glass votive cups in the last Pottery Barn catalog and thought they would be great for our Christmas table setting. We recently bought our first home (thank you very much) and now we have the space to host family gatherings. Our funds are low because of the whole first home thing (budget, yo), so the I-can’t-afford-that-so-I’ll-make-it cycle of creativity began again. These votives are ideal for teacher or girlfriend gifts because they are extremely inexpensive to make and colors can be personal. I’m so in love with the way they turned out!

Pottery Barn mercury glass DIY

You’ll need:

Glass votives (mine are from the dollar tree)

Silver metallic spray paint (I used rust-oleum: bright coat, metallic finish)

Spray paint in your choice of colors


Long wooden skewers

Rubber glove (optional, but the only way to avoid a rainbow colored hand)

1. Spray the inside of each votive with the colored spray paint. It’s OK if it’s gloppy or dripping or if you spray a bit of the outside of the votive. Let dry. If you want a traditional mercury glass look, spray the inside with black or grey. Tip: I found the only way to get the whole inside was to hold the votive while spraying. Hence the need for a glove above.

holiday votive DIY

2. Place the votive upside-down on the wooden skewer and spray with Windex. More spray makes more splotches on the finished votive, see the pictures below for desired results.

how to spray paint a glass votive cup

Pottery Barn mercury glass DIY

3. Keep the votive on the skewer and spray liberally with the metallic paint before the Windex dries. Try not to get the inside of the votive but you don’t have to be crazy careful – a little overspray on the inside top boosts up the reflection when the candles are lit.  Tip: After you spray, stick the skewer into a flower pot or planter bed until the paint is completely dry. No finger prints!

The biggest surprise with the finished craft is the way the inside color glows with lit candles. Sooooooo lovely!! This year I’ll be gifting the faux mercury glass votive cups in clusters of three in Christmas red and green.

lit Pottery Barn mercury glass DIY

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Homemade Holiday Season!!

Pottery Barn mercury glass

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Lynn Kellan
Lynn Kellan

What a neat idea! We could spray paint the votives in Xmas colors, too. Silver and gold. Or red and green. Endless possibilities.

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