frosty winter decor tutorial
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by @according2kelly on November 28, 2012

for the entire month of november we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season.

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today, our featured blogger is the vivienne of The V Spot. vivienne writes…

Hello! I’m Vivienne from The V Spot, a little blog where I share crafts, recipes, and funny stories about my family.   I love making beautiful things on a budget, and today I am going to show you how to make a holiday craft using one of my very favorite FREE decor items, sticks!
Who doesn’t love to decorate for Christmas?  (And who wants to break the bank on their decor?)  No one I know!  So here’s an easy way to turn found sticks and branches into frosty winter decor.
epsom salt, winter, branches, sticks
Sure, you could go to the craft store or the florist and pick up some faux icy floral picks and branches, but why buy them (and store them all year) when you can make your own for pennies…?
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • sticks and branches
  • white spray paint (cheap-o is fine-o)
  • spray adhesive
  • epsom salt (You can buy in any pharmacy or the health aisle in the grocery store)
  • coarse white glitter
  • fine iridescent glitter

When getting the salt be sure to use epsom, which looks like icy little crystals, as opposed to rock salt, which looks like, well… rocks.

Spray your branches with white paint.

When dry, spray a coat of adhesive onto the branches, then move them over an old cookie sheet and sprinkle the epsom salts onto them.

I do this over the cookie sheet so I can reuse the salt that doesn’t stick.

No need for comments about the baked on grody-ness of the cookie sheet… that’s why it’s used for crafting now. 🙂


Scoop up any extra salt and put it back into the container.

Move the branches away from the cookie sheet and spray with adhesive again.  Move them back over the sheet and sprinkle with the coarse glitter.

Repeat the process with the fine glitter.

When dry you have some pretty, sparkly, frosty sticks.  That were practically FREE!

There are so many uses for them.  They look great alone in a vase,  or with smaller ones tucked into your Christmas tree or used in a wreath…

The only caveat: since salt melts if it gets wet…  this is not a good option for use outdoors unless it’s in a covered area..

You can find other projects using sticks and epsom salt over on my blog, and you can visit me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus!  Have fun and happy holidays!

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about vivienne: I write The V Spot Blog. I am a mom, a wife, a DIYer, a crafter and smart-alleck. If Erma Bombeck & MacGyver had a love child, that kid might be a lot like me.



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Hurray I have all these supplies. Looks like some crafting is happening this week to beautify some vases. Thanks so much for sharing this easy, inexpensive, and lovely craft.

Emma (Broke Ass Home)
Emma (Broke Ass Home)

This is beautiful! I love it and will probably have to find somewhere to put some of these... :)

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