saving the ocean, one hand wash at a time

by @according2kelly on November 14, 2012

just when i think i can’t fall any more in love with method, they turn around & introduce another fabulous product (or two) that makes my heart go pitter-patter.

have you seen method’s new ocean plastic 2-in-1 dish + hand soap?! i have to admit, the first time i saw it – i stopped dead in my tracks.

did you know it’s the first commercial product ever to be made of ocean plastic?

with several million tons of plastic polluting our oceans every year causing serious damage to our environment. in an effort to raise awareness of this growing problem, method has created the world’s first bottle made with a blend of recovered ocean plastic & post-consumer recycled plastic.

plastic from the beaches of hawai’i has been hand-collected over the past year and half by method employees & local beach cleanup groups especially for these bottles!

the plastic has been melted down (the dark gray color is it’s natural color) & molded (the bottle design itself  inspired by a sea urchin) – i don’t know about you, but knowing all this just kinda warms my heart – & makes me feel like i’m doing my part, to help save the ocean, one hand wash at a time.

but the ocean plastic 2-in-1 dish + hand soap isn’t the only new fabulous method product to have recently arrived in stores… smarty dish plus. it’s a power-packed dishwasher detergent tab (& quite honestly it’s my new favorite cleaning product).

even noah (my favorite bearded mountain man/ official spokesinger of method) agrees that smarty dish plus is pretty amazing stuff…

smarty dish plus isn’t just power-packed – it’s a triple-action power pack. it…
1. dissolves sticky food
2. spotless & non-toxic rinse aid action
3. high-performance cleaning that works even in hard water

smarty dish plus coupon

feeling inspired to experience the triple-action power pack of smarty dish plus for yourself?! during the month of november, method will be offering a 15% off any smarty dish plus product when ordered from (or for canadians). using the discount code “SMARTDISH.”

disclosure: this post is brought to you by the people against dirty. however, i was seduced my method cleaning products years ago, & all opinions are 100% my own. feel free to join the campaign to clean happy & clean like a mother on their facebook page.


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