tee shirt necklace tutorial
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by @according2kelly on November 10, 2012

for the entire month of november we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season.

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today, our featured blogger is ciaran, of momfluential.net. ciaran writes…

It happens every year. The kids grow out of tee shirts that I love. It makes me so sad sometimes – especially when the tee is something that I am sentimental about or was passed down to a couple of my kids.

But really, who wants my kid’s grungy old stained tee. I couldn’t even give these things away. Maybe as rags. Or… heh heh heh… holiday gifts!

I love making these funky scarf/necklace hybrids for holiday gifts.

1. Cut the tees into narrow strips across the mid section.

2. Stretch your strips so that they roll and become little tubes. If you used a tee with no seams, you are ready to proceed to the next step. If your tee had seams, see note below.

Note: Some tees have side seams, some don’t. If there are no side seams you have less work to do (see the yellow scarf). If there ARE side seams, they may stay together or they may come unravelled. Pick off the threads and knot your strips together into one long continuous string. Don’t worry about tying evenly or leaving ends hanging. It’s part of the charm on the end product.

3. Place tee on cardboard or other protective surface and squirt with fabric dye, paint or concentrated kool aid. Follow instructions to “fix” the dye.

4a: If you have tubes of fabric (no seams) your scarf is ready to wear. Twist and knot it as you wish or pin on a brooch.

4b: If you have one long strand of material, take a large book (bigger than your head) and stick the end into the middle. Wind the strand around the book until you get to the end and fasten it by tying to the end you started with an trimming. You may wish to wrap around the bundle once or twice to prevent tangling. You’re done!

Feel free to further embellish with charms, sequins, etc. Rock on! Gift on!

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