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by @according2kelly on November 15, 2012

being invited to a runDisney meetup is a bit like winning a golden ticket.

having been lucky enough to attend the disneyland half meetup, the princess half meetup, & the tinkerbell half meetup, i was giddy with excitement to once again be invited to the recent runDisney wine dine half meetup (aka #winedinehalfmeetup on twitter).

so early friday morning (which was especially early for julie & i – being the california girls that we are), i donned my wig, pulled on my team sparkle skirt & we headed over to epcot.

after a quick meet & greet with the nearly 50 participants (it’s always so much fun to meet virtual friends in real life), we prepared for a private running tour of epcot, led by none other than jeff galloway (runDisney training consultant), tara gidus (official nutritionist for runDisney), anton van zyl (two-time wine dine half winner) & everyone’s favorite mouse…

after gathering under the shadow of spaceship earth (aka the oversized golf ball), we headed towards world showcase & literally ran around the entire world. all while, disney employees hooted & hollered, cheering us on.

really & truly, nothing makes you feel better than a personal cheer squad – runDisney really does know how to create magic in every mile.

we concluded our early morning jaunt in germany where we headed inside the biergarten restaurant for a warm runDisney welcome from bob hitchcock (mr. runDisney) & faron kelly (director of sports marketing & communications for WDW), which was followed by a little chat with jeff galloway, anton van zyl,  tara gidus & chef steff.

jeff galloway was inspiring as always. having attended several other runDisney meetups, i’m always impressed that i always walk away learning something new from jeff galloway.

up next was my new race crush anton van zyl. at that time of the meetup, he was the 2-time wine & dine half marathon winner.

although, following the meetup, he once again won the wine & dine half marathon, for the third year in a row – even though he stopped to take 17 pictures along the way! amazing!

& finally we had a chance to hear from tara gidus & chef steff (the sports chef) who talked with us about what & how we should be eating as athletes (their words, not mine – i definitely don’t consider myself an athlete).

& believe me – chef steff’s famous spaghetti pie is definitely going to be my new go-to-carbo-load-meal. it’s the perfect pre-race dish!

chef steff famous spaghetti pie

1 large onion chopped & caramelized
1 bag fresh spinach (5 oz) chopped finely
1 tbsp + 1 tsp season all seasoned slat
8 large eggs beaten
2 cups asiago cheese
2 tsp celery salt
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 lb. spaghetti cooked al dente
2 tbsp crushed red pepper flakes

combine all ingredients in a bowl & mix well. bake in a glass baking dish for 45 minutes in a pre-heated 400 degree oven.

of course, following the meetup, we had to take a few moments to document the entire experience. & luckily, i got to spend a little one-on-one time with chef mickey.

although, the highlight of my morning (& hopefully mickey’s) was when julie & i took the opportunity to give mickey a little good bye kiss… hopefully he won’t be forgetting us anytime soon!

as always the wine dine half meetup was another fabulous event, filled with surprises, amazing people, & in true runDisney fashion – magic in every mile.

a huge thanks to bob hitchcock, faron kelly, darrell fry, tony morreale,  jeff galloway, tara gidus, anton van zyl, chef steff, & anyone else who was apart of making this incredible morning happen!

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did YOU attend the #windedinehalfmeetup? let me know! i’ll add your meetup recap to the ever-growing list!

ready to attend the next runDisney race meetup? pay extra special attention to the runDisney facebook page, runDisney twitter account, & disney parks blog a week or two before the next runDisney race. in the past, that’s where they’ve announced the meetups.

disclosure: i was invited by runDisney to attend the entire event weekend as media – meaning they were kind enough to cover my hotel expenses at the fabulous boardwalk  inn (betcha started singing “under the boardwalk,” because i know i did), meals, and all of my race fees.

of course – all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own, because as you already know… i absolutely, totally & completely LOVE runDisney events.


Christine from We Run Disney
Christine from We Run Disney

FABULOUS recap! Loved re-reading all of the great advice that the speakers shared. And I'm still in awe of your great Snow White costume -adorable! :)


Kelly, Great re-cap on the event. I can't wait for WDWMarathon weekend. I'm hoping to do the meetup event then. So glad you two Cali girls got some Southern warmth while you were there. Can't wait to meet you in January!

Sarah M
Sarah M

Thanks for the link up! This was such a fun event and it was so great to meet you last weekend! Hope to see you again over WDW Marathon weekend :)


I loved attending the runDisney Meet-Up! I think my favorite part was running with Anton, we chatted for a bit and he's really interesting, and I seriously can not believe he stops for pictures and still wins races! Amazing. Thanks for the link back to my meet-up post!

Emily N
Emily N

The snow white costumes is simple and awesome. I love it. Snow is my favorite. Definitely will have to use it if I ever get to runDisney! (if it is ok!)

TWINS RUN in our family (@TwinsRun)
TWINS RUN in our family (@TwinsRun)

It was fun to follow the #WineDineHalfMeetUp participants on Twitter & Instagram. It was almost as fun as being there in person. You know we LOVE runDisney & hope we can join the Walt Disney World Marathon and/or Princess Half Marathon Meet Up(s) in 2013! Fingers crossed! :-)


gosh you are lucky. I still can't believe anton stops for pictures!


Looks like so much fun!! I loved following along!


I'm am so jealous of your fabulous weekend!!!! I would love to do a runDisney meetup someday. By the time I saw the blog post, it was already full.


Ahhh I'm so jealous!! I hope to do a runDisney meetup someday!


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