the dopey challenge dilemma

by @according2kelly on April 8, 2013

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the dopey challenge dilemma has literally taken over my life.

do i or don’t i?!

yep! the latest events added to walt disney world marathon weekend (next january 9th – 12th, 2014), have my head spinning.

you now have so many choices available to run during walt disney world marathon weekend:

* kids races (including the magic mile)
* family fun run 5K
* walt disney world 10K
* walt disney world 1/2 marathon
* walt disney world marathon
* goofy’s race & a half challenge (which consists of running both the 1/2 marathon & the full marathon)
* or, the dopey challenge

the dopey challenge

4 days, 4 races (a 10K, 5K, half marathon & a full marathon), which means 4 possible costume opportunities, & a total of 48.6 miles.

all of this resulting in a grand total of 6, yes SIX medals (one for each of the four races, plus the goofy challenge medal & a new dopey challenge medal).

& i have i mentioned that all six medals are rumored to be brand-spanking new? they are breaking away from runDisney tradition (typically runDisney only changes medal design every 5 years), & creating six new medals, including one that is minnie themed for the 10K.

that my friends pretty much seals the deal for me – it’s no secret that i “will run for bling.”

boy oh boy – just thinking about the possibility of earning SIX medals has me seeing stars. the sound of the cling clanging is definitely music to my ears.


with a limited number of dopey entries – it’s sure to sell out.

the only questions are: how fast the dopey challenge will sell out, whether or not i’ll  be one of the lucky few earning SIX medals in a single weekend & which costume (or costumes) i’ll wear.

although, right now i’m leaning towards something that’s a little, well – dopey.


online registration for all walt disney world marathon weekend events opens april 9th, 2013.

if you are planning on registering for any (or all) events there are a few things you should know & consider:

* make sure to register early. it’s bound to sell out. every runDisney race seems to sell out faster & faster. the dumbo double dare sold out in just a few hours & the disneyland half was closed after only 26 hours. plus – there are 2,000 less spots available in this year’s races, in an effort to control the crowding!

* proof of time is now necessary for anyone who is likely to finish the 1/2 marathon in less than 3 hours & 15 minutes, and/or the marathon in 6 hours and 30 minutes or less. this is super-duper important to provide before november 1st, 2013 because you will no longer be able to change corrals during the expo.

* more corrals which will also reducing the crowding, & allow runners of similar abilities to be placed together – thank goodness!

the other thing i’m pretty excited about? women specific tech shirts!

wahooooo! runDisney has heard our pleas, & i’ll finally have a race shirt that actually fits ME!


oy vey! what’s a girl to do? so many options? so much bling!

do i run the walt disney world 1/2 marathon?

or maybe just the walt disney world marathon?

or, do i go “full monty” and run the goofy challenge?

but at that point, i might as well go dopey, right?!

somebody please help! am i certifiably insane? because i’m really starting to wonder.

but those medals are definitely calling my name! i think i just need a little “nudge” before i’m ready to commit!

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 8.50.49 AM

i know i’m not the only one experiencing the dopey challenge dilemma – are you?!


I did the "unofficial" Dopey Challenge this year and I'll repeat in 2015. It's Goofy Challenge anniversary and I am sure they will have a super duper medal then.

Karla @
Karla @

Kelly, I'm having the EXACT same dilemma! I didn't even do Goofy this year, but there's something about Dopey that's just so tempting. Hmm..... let me know what you decide!


I considered doing it, which surprised even me! It would have been my first full marathon. One thing that concerned me was if I could physically handle it, and then the thought of training. It's a lot of time. Then, I found out that my job situation will be changing so that sealed the deal for me to not do it. Maybe I'll do it in the future, who knows. I think you will do it though, after all, you ARE Kelly!!!


If I could do the Dopey Challenge, I would most certainly register. I think this should be a no brainer for you! I have confidence that you can finish each race! You even sparked my interest with the mention of the 10k Minnie medal. 10k and half marathon just sound too good to pass up for me. I think you'll regret not registering. Plus it's the Inaugural Dopey Challenge!


I REALLY want to do this. I'm trying my best to get these legs healthy in time. What an awesome reace!!


If anyone could tackle the Dopey, it would be you! After all, you kicked ass while puking during Princess Half! I won't be doing Dopey this year, but I am planning on it in 2015. I know I could force myself to do it this year, but that wouldn't be smart. I don't want to get hurt, no matter how much awesome bling there is. I do love that you're thinking it through and not rushing into it, though. That's a sign of a smart runner! No matter what you choose, you're going to have an amazing time and I can't wait to see your costumes!


My husband doesn't know it yet, but we are totally "doing dopey"! We have never been to Disney World, and I do not foresee us going back for 10+ years (we are west coasties), so we are going to party like it's 1999. We will do the 5K with our kids, and the 10k, 1/2 and full on our own. We will NOT be running at RACE PACE. It will be for the sheer delight of the experience that we will be there. (And the bling of course!) We aren't "Type A" runners, so it is easy for us to slow down, stop and take pictures with the characters, etc. Good luck on your decision! Irregardless, you will have a totally magical Marathon Weekend! I always look forward to your posts!


We are both in for the Dopey Challenge! You need to hit that register button on the runDisney page! Come on Kelly, it is really not that hard! :) It should be a fabulous weekend!

Kristin @ A Mom on the Run
Kristin @ A Mom on the Run

Definitely no Dopey Challenge for me - I'm running the marathon that weekend though. I haven't run a marathon yet (first is in December) so I'm holding out 'til next year for Goofy or Dopey! Good luck with your decision!

Rachel @ Runner's Tales
Rachel @ Runner's Tales

You should definitely do the Dopey Challenge! I am already signed and still think I am completely crazy (or Dopey) for doing so. It is going to be awesome!!


I certainly would be in the same dilemma. Of course would be all about it if someone would cough up the dough this next year to do it. Love the Dopey outfit too. Seeing I'm a complete sucker for bling I'd seriously sign up. Seeing all the changes they are making for the better (that kind of got my princess skirt in a bunch this past Jan) I'd be doing them all. Happy Running :-)

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