the birthday project

by @according2kelly on June 27, 2013


today it’s my birthday…

& this year, it’s a BIG one.

i’m turning 35!

it’s amazing. as a kid, 35 seemed soooo old.

i thought for sure, i’d have an entire herd of kids, live in the house i would retire in, & pretty much have it “all together”.

but life has a funny way of working out differently than what you had planned.

turning 35 may mean i’m looking forward to gray hairs & the terrifying thought that i am closer to 40, than 20 (yikes) – i’m bound & determined to make sure this is the best year yet.


& to celebrate, i’m starting off 35 with a bang! by performing 35 acts of intentional kindness for others – the birthday project.

instead of spending the day celebrating me, by opening presents & eating cake, i will spend my 35th birthday looking for opportunities to spread kindness, making the world a slightly better, slightly nicer place.

holding open the door for a mom struggling with her kids, smiling at a stranger, reaching out to a friend in need… they may be simple, but a simple act of kindness is often all it takes to make someone else’s day.

today’s goal is to make other people smile, to make other people happy, to encourage other people to be awesome, to encourage other people to “pay it forward.”


want to play along from home? perform an intentional act of kindness for someone else & leave a comment below describing what you did. consider it your birthday gift to me!

so the obvious question is what are you giving me doing for others, in celebration of my birthday?

be the change


Do you have any idea how inspiring your project has been? You're changing the world one kind act at time! I left a $5 bill in a parking lot and plan on doing more... all because you! Your gifts are expanding! You're amazing! 


LOVE following along with your #birthdayproject on Instagram!  What a beautiful idea!  

Heather Tanji
Heather Tanji

Happy Birthday!!! What a great way to celebrate your life... by celebrating the lives of others!

Once Upon a Run
Once Upon a Run

What a great idea!  This is my year to be 35 and I think I'll celebrate like you even if it is 2 months and 22 days late!  Yesterday was my husband's birthday and he's 35 too...finally caught up to me!  1978 was a good year!


I love this!! Happy birthday!!


I gave a coworker an earnest compliment - it's always worth it to make someone smile. Happy birthday, Kelly!

ellen patton
ellen patton

I have a card to mail you; email me your mailing address:  :)


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