SportHooks medal display giveaway

by @according2kelly on August 27, 2013


if you’re a runner – then you’re probably a little like me, & like to collect a little bling from time to time.

it’s no secret that i like bling.

it’s quite possible that i like the bling, as much (& possibly even more) than i actually like running (did i just admit that out loud?).

& i have been known (on a few occasions), to sign up for a race, simply because of the bling.

but – while i definitely love chasing the bling – i’ve never been one to display it.

of course i’ll wear my medal (& sometimes medals) for the remainder of the day (at the very least) – if not for the next several days.

but eventually my medals have all ended up – in a messy, jumbled pile.

knowing that i would (most likely) be bringing home a few brand-spanking-new medals  after running dumbo double dare this weekend at the disneyland half marathon- i realized that some changes were going to have to be made… these beautiful medals, needed deserved a special home.

disneyland half medalsso i started my search for the perfect medal display… and while i fell in love with many of the SportHooks medal displays (especially the disney-inspired hooks), once i realized i could create a custom-one-of-a-kind-medal-display i was “hooked.”

& let me tell you – i couldn’t be happier with my sports hooks medal display.


i can’t help but wonder why i didn’t display my medals like this sooner!

although, i think it’s time i also in invest in an “add-on bar” – i had no idea i had some many medals!

SportHooks medal display giveaway

i love my SportHooks medal display so much, i think every runner needs deserves one.

luckily the amazing people at SportHooks agree.

one lucky person is going to win a SportHooks medal display of their choice. wahooooooo!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

& if you’re attending the disneyland half marathon this weekend, be sure to stop by the SportHooks booth & check out the medal displays in person – pretty sure you will fall in love with them too.

disclosure: i was provided with a free SportHooks medal hanger to give away & they were kind enough to provide me with one as well. of course – all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.


Couldn't find the "Be Awesome" option on their site.  Was this a custom medal hanger?  What a great way to display medals!


Love this!  Just added another medal (Hood to Coast) to my collection this weekend and this would be perfect! 

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