dumbo double triple dare challenge:
2013 disneyland 10K

by @according2kelly on September 12, 2013

tweedle-running-costume-disneyland-10kthe runDisney disneyland 10K?

quite possibly is the happiest race on earth, & my newest favorite runDisney race.


when runDisney announced the “dumbo double dare challenge” & the inaugural disneyland 10K – i knew i had to participate.

more excitement. more miles. more characters. more photo opps. more magic. more costumes. more bling.


who can resist a challenge? certainly not me. (it’s definitely one of my many weaknesses.)

i had made a last minute decision to also run the disneyland family fun 5K (making this the dumbo triple dare challenge), which started only 45 minutes before the disneyland 10K.


although i finished the 5K with plenty of time, rushing from the 5K finish line to the starting line of the inaugural disneyland 10K, was a little nerve-racking to say the least… i arrived with only 4 minutes to spare! luckily i had no intention of “racing” this race.

having ran the 5K without my “better” half,” i felt complete to have tweedle dee linda, her hubby mark & the always fabulous mindy join me for the inaugural disneyland 10K.


dumbo double triple dare challenge:
2013 disneyland 10K

i have to be honest- i wasn’t really sure what to expect for the race itself. considering it was the inaugural disneyland 10K, and the very first runDisney 10K ever – i was just excited to run.

but i’m thrilled to report that i absolutely loved every single minute, every single step, every single mile.

the disneyland 10K started on disneyland drive, quickly making our way around the anaheim convention center, entering the disneyland resort via disney california park.


while parts of the 5K & 10K courses were the same, the majority of the 10K course was completely different & almost completely in both disney california adventure & disneyland parks – we spent SO much time in the parks! i felt like we literally covered every square inch of the disneyland resort.

the characters & on-course entertainment were on hand as usual,  & due to the limited number of participants (about 7,800 runners), the lines for photo opps seemed to moved quick & easy.


running down main street & through the castle is always a fabulous experience, but what i loved the most about this particular race was the  “sprint to the finish” through downtown disney.


the crowds seemed to come out in full force for the 10K finish & it was incredibly motivating to see so many friendly, encouraging, & sometimes even familiar faces cheering for you & yelling your name.


& as i’ve learned, no matter how fast you ran, or how many miles you covered, crossing that finish line is always an amazing experience.


having the “bling” draped around your neck – always makes the miles worth it. especially when the medal is as incredibly fabulous as the disneyland 10K hardware.

don’t tell my other medals – but this new beauty is definitely one of my favorites.


dumbo double triple dare challenge:
2013 disneyland 10K by the numbers

* total chip time 55:30
* 32nd place out of 841 women in my age group
* 582nd place out of  5,135 women
* 546th place out of 7,841 runners
* 5K split time 26:32

disclosure: i was invited by runDisney to attend the event weekend as media – meaning they were kind enough to provide me with race entries. of course – all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own, because as you already know… i absolutely, totally & completely LOVE runDisney events, especially the inaugural disneyland 10K.


I am doing the Disneyland Half Marathon for the first time this August.  Can you share where you found the fabulous costume?  By far the best Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum costumes I have seen to date :)


Your costume is great as usual!  I really loved this race too, it was so much fun to be in the parks for almost all of it!  

My group of friends and I took a looooong time in Cars Land - we were dressed as the Cars characters so we pretty much stopped for a full photo shoot!  Longest 10k ever, but totally worth it!


Great recap Kelly!  I loved the weekend as well- and your costumes are always so adorable!  I had to laugh at the picture of you and Mindy with the bling- Kris totally photobombed yall!  lol


Wow, love the costume! That is some really nice bling.  Looking forward to getting my first one next year at the Tinker Bell 10K.


I loved your costume! Looks like you really had a good time!


This looks like such a fun race!

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