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2013 disneyland family fun 5K

by @according2kelly on September 1, 2013


running runDisney’s disneyland family fun 5K was not something i was planning to do, it wasn’t something i was training to do, it wasn’t something i even thought it wanted to do – until i did it.

but as soon as the “race” began, & i crossed the starting line – i realized once again how incredibly special runDisney races are. especially the 5K (even if i had to run this race “twin-less” without my better tweedle half).

the runDisney family fun 5K is always a highlight of any runDisney weekend.

thousands of runners & walkers gathered together with one purpose – to experience the magic that is runDisney.


for some (including many of the children participating) this was the first race ever. for others, it was their first runDisney event ever. but for many runDisney enthusiasts, this was just another magical run.

but for everyone involved – it was something that they were excited about, maybe even a wee bit nervous about, but definitely something that everyone was looking forward to.

& with good reason, it’s not everyday that you get to experience the sun rise, as you are running in, & around the disneyland resort, disney california adventure park & disneyland park.

Disneyland 5K course map

the best part of the disneyland family fun 5K, in my opinion – is it’s something that the entire family can do TOGETHER.

this is one of the few races, i know of, where the entire family can actually run/ walk together. so it’s not surprising that that race corrals were filled with families, sometimes even multiple generations, often times everyone dressed in costume.

considering that it’s not so much a race, as it is a run – this is the perfect first race, for everyone & anyone (of all ages).


although the course markers have clocks & timers, there is no “chip” for timing purposes, making this really & truly a “fun” run.

the disneyland family fun 5K encourages everyone to literally enjoy every mile. & when you are running through the disneyland resort, it’s kind of hard not to.

disney characters & entertainment on-course to cheer you on?
photo opportunities galore?
watching the parks come to life as the sun rises?
absolutely & completely magical.


& while i wasn’t lucky enough to run with my family – watching the kids & families participating, hearing them squeal in delight, seeing their eyes light up as they experienced the disneyland family fun 5K, was like experiencing it for the first time myself.

no other race, can produce that same warm & fuzzy, feel-good feeling that the runDisney family fun 5K creates.

especially at the finish, when they drape the “bling” around your neck.


and we all know, that in the end, it really is all about the bling – & runDisney races (even the 5Ks) always seem to have the very best medals.

please tell me i’m not the only one who feels this way about race bling?!

disclosure: i was invited by runDisney to attend the event weekend as media – meaning they were kind enough to provide me with race entries. of course – all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own, because as you already know… i absolutely, totally & completely LOVE runDisney events, especially the family fun 5Ks.



The 5ks are often my favorite part of Disney race weekends! It gives my mom and I a chance to run together...while wearing matching running outfits.


We did the 10K last weekend for our 10 year anniversary--we dressed as Jack and Sally and had so much fun with it. I am contemplating the half now...Angels stadium sounds pretty cool, too!


Woo!  Great to see you tweedle twin!  Until next time!


I participated in the 5k at Princess. I wore a costume and just had "fun" with it. I think I enjoyed it more than the Half!!! Your right seeing the kids enjoy themselves is priceless!


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