protein fight club:
milk vs. oj

by @according2kelly on October 12, 2013

FINAL White Glass Logotwo breakfast beverages will enter.
but only ONE will win.
which drink is the true dynamo of dawn?
find out now in this protein fight club smackdown.

i’ve always known that victory sounds like 8 ounces of milk in the morning.

that’s why i nearly always start my day with a mango-tango smoothie. the combination of cool & refreshing milk with fresh fruit is always fabulous.


when you start the morning with milk – you can’t lose.

check out the battle of the breakfast beverages stats…

Orange Juice Facts

with 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz.  of milk, plus 8 other essential nutrients, it’s obvious that milk will always win battle of the breakfast beverages (& just about every other breakfast battle you through at it).

but don’t take my word for it.

hear (& see) what guyatitian david grotto has to say about this battle royale…

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spoiler alert… milk wins every single time. why?

because when you got milk? you got protein.

for more information, including quick & nutritious breakfast ideas for your family, visit or

disclaimer: i am proud to be a milk mustache ambassador. while i am compensated for this campaign by MILKPEP– our days really & truly are fueled by milk. at any given time you will find at least 4 gallons of “white” milk & 1 gallon of “chocolate” milk in our refrigerator. we always “got milk!”


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