runDisney tower of terror 10 miler

by @according2kelly on October 30, 2013


running runDisney tower of terror 10 miler in costume was always part of the plan.

however, running in character? not so much.


yet when carrie & i traded in the evil queen & cruella running costumes we had been wearing for the runDisney tower of terror expo, & donned drizella & anastasia’s sparkle athletic “ball gowns” – something instantly came over both of us.

suddenly i found myself sticking my tongue out in response to people who complimented our running costumes.

suddenly i found myself pushing drizella (aka carrie), pulling her hair & engaging in rousing arguments regarding which of us was the prettier/ faster sister.

suddenly i found myself screaming “cinderella” & later “victoria” in a sheer & rather annoyingly piercing voice.


to say we were obnoxiously annoying, is putting it very, very kindly.

step-sisters-running-costumesrunDisney tower of terror 10 miler

we skipped our way across the starting line, sashaying our way through & around runners searching for our “prince.”

we made a constant effort to dispell the ugly rumors cinderella has spread about us (she’s just jealous), all the while insulting each other, & nearly everyone around us (especially anyone wearing a tutu – because friends don’t let friends were tutus).

& let’s not forget the game of mid-race “tag” we engaged unaware runners in.

tower-terror-rundisneyconsidering i thought i was attending a ball,  i was extremely disappointed when i realized the hydration stations were passing out powerAde instead of champagne, & i’m pretty the water was not from fiji.

i (or rather anastasia) only drinks champagne,  & i only drink water from fiji.

& i’m not at all embarrassed to admit  i may have angrily tossed my cup aside exclaiming that “this is the worse champagne ever” a time or two.


not surprisingly, many of the local “peasants” came to spectate; we were running after all.

although, the paparazzi was also out in force that night.

each & every time we stopped to visit with each of our fellow villains, people would swarm us taking pictures… it’s hard being so popular.

run-disney-tower-terrorpretty sure the tower of terror was the worst royal ball i’ve ever attended. but as far as running races goes – it was pretty awesome.

it’s smaller, more intimate race than the typical runDisney event (which was really noticeable in the new, smaller runDisney corrals).


& i can’t help but love a race that STARTS with a pre-party & FINISHES with an after-party.

& we haven’t even discussed the course..

the villains really outdid themselves, taking over the entire race,  making this a terrifying experience in a magical disney kind of way.

disney-villain-costumeswe started the race at disney’s hollywood studios running to ESPN wide world of wports (where our feet felt happy as we ran around the track & through champion stadium) before heading back again to disney’s hollywood studios, where we ran past the spectacular lights, motors, action extreme stunt show, along the amazing new york street on the backlot, past mickey’s sorcerer’s hat, and then on to the finish, where we collected our medals, which were the most amazing tower of terror replicas that glow in the dark…


i thought we were going to a ball. i thought i was going to meet my prince. but all i got was a medal, but that means we won right?

at the very least, we had to have been the prettiest sisters on the course.


like i said before, tower of terror may have been the worst royal ball ever.

but, it was hands down the best 10 mile race i’ve ever ran.


we laughed, we ran, & we laughed some more. i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard, or had so much fun running a “race.”


although, i’m pretty sure my feet swelled up from all that running.

that’s definitely the reason why my glass slipper didn’t fit the next day & cinderella got to marry my prince.

disclaimer: i would like to take this opportunity to apologize. if i stuck out my tongue, insulted you, tagged & screamed “you’re it” in a shrill, obnoxious voice, or was otherwise rude. please know that this wasn’t me per say. but rather my character. i just couldn’t help it. once i donned anastasia’s ball gown, i became anastasia. 




I just registered for the ToT 2014 and am in LOVE with your cruella costume. I really want to dress like this. Can you tel me how you made your top?


any chance you can share how you made the ball gown skirts?


love this! I just ran the Disney half this weekend and am wanting to sign up for the 10miler in a few months. love your costumes, I've never seen anyone do those characters before at the races.


These costumes might be my favorite of them all. Although, it would have been awesome for you to run in that Cruella wig!! 


So much fun! Please post where you got you Cruella costume! Buy/ make...either way LOVE it! I'm running the full in Jan and I have my little brother to dress as a Dalmatian :)


Oh my gosh, it sounds like you had a great time.  A Disney race is on my bucket list.



Such a great time ladies! Thank you for letting me "tag" along! I've never laughed so hard or had so much fun "racing." Can't wait to run again soon! xo


This races looks fun and it sounds like you two had a blast. Thanks for sharing your antics! It sounds like these are the kind that would have thrown me off had I been present (probably part of your plan), but I would have laughed hysterically about when I got home.


How do you comment on a post like this.....thank you for giving my evening entertainment.  See you in a few days!

Jenn PugRunner
Jenn PugRunner

Hiliarious! I love that you guys had so much fun with your characters! And you both look amazing! Obviously. 


Loved the costumes and that you stayed in character!  


That was SO much fun! Cannot wait to see what you come up with this weekend!!


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