faux wood platter tutorial
{from the scrap shoppe}

by @according2kelly on November 17, 2013

for the entire month of november we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season.


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today, our featured bloggers are the darling & super crafty michele of the scrap shoppe.

faux wood platter tutorial

I may or may not be completely obsessed with the faux bois trend that has been going on for the last year or two. Whenever I see a vase or candle or anything that looks like wood, I make a beeline for it! So it just figures that I also have craft supplies in my stash to make my own fun projects with the wood grain look.
Speaking of me and my stash…
Hi! I’m Michele, and I blog over at The Scrap Shoppe. I’m the mom of two little boys, obsessed with all things faux bois (but we’ve already covered that), and Christmas may be BY FAR my favorite holiday ever!
Today I want to show you how my made this faux wood platter. Its simpler that you may think!
The main supplies you need for this project are a piece of Styrofoam, Smooth Finish, and a faux bois embossing folder.
Spread the Smooth Finish over the top and sides of the Styrofoam with a plastic knife following the directions on the can. Its kind of like frosting cake. It does just what the title says and creates a smooth finish over the Styrofoam. I applied one coat and allowed it to dry. Once dry, I applied a second coat and immediately laid the embossing folder on top of the Smooth Finish and press firmly. Gently lift the folder off of the Styrofoam and press the folder around the rest of it to complete the wood grain look. Repeat with the edges.
Note: You may need to wipe off the embossing folder between applications with a wet paper towel.
If the embossing folder pulls off too much of the Smooth Finish for your taste, simply apply more and smooth it out then emboss again. Personally, I think the places where some of the Smooth Finish came off gives the wood more character.
The other great thing about Smooth Finish? Once its dry you can paint on it!
The color scheme is totally up to you. I started with a coat metallic copper. You can see how adding color is already starting to bring out the faux bois pattern. Since the copper is my base color I applied it with a bristle brush to be sure to get the paint into all the little nooks and crannies.
I followed up with very light coat of gold metallic paint that I applied with a wide foam brush. Keep very little paint on the brush to prevent it from going into the grooves of the wood. Also, be sure to paint with the grain.
One last little trick that makes this fun to give as a gift… personalize it!
Use something pointed (I’m using the tip of an embossing pen) to carve out initials.
Fill it in with a marker that will allow the initials to be seen.
Our new platter looks perfect up on a shelf!
And also looks great as the base of a centerpiece. And no one will believe that is really Styrofoam!
Thanks so much for having me over, Kelly! I am loving this fun series.

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