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by @according2kelly on November 2, 2013

for the entire month of november we will be baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season.


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today, our featured blogger is the fabulous vanessa, the woman behind she is married to celebrity dog trainer ty brown and has 2 old dogs and 4 beautiful girls. they all just got back from living abroad in costa rica and miss it everyday. currently they are living  in utah, as they prepare for their next adventure – living in the netherlands. 

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playland tins

The only crafts I find that I can make sucessfully is kids crafts. Anything above that skill level frusturates me. Which works out great because crafting with my four girls is one of the things I really enjoy to do as a mom. My husband is a international dog trainer and trains dogs to do all sorts of things. Protecting celebrities, being a well trained family dog, finding dangerous items, detecting drugs, puppy training, working with special needs kids, and everything beyond and inbetween. The part of his business that is really growing lately is diabetic alert dogs. In the beginning stages of the training process they do scent work with these tins.


There are hundreds of these tins in my garage and one day I thought of a cute craft idea with them. Why not turn them into little playlands? My four girls love to do little “set ups” all day long with their dinosaurs, finger puppets, wood figurines, pet shoppes, etc. All around the house at any time you can find little set ups everywhere! My girls love to craft and this is a craft they could plan, create, and execute all on their own (maybe a little help from mom with the glue gun though).



Tin (it could be any size, doesn’t need to be a circle)

Hot Glue Gun

Tiny things to match your theme (the best part about this craft is that I just found stuff around the house. I didn’t buy anything!)

Items to decorate the top



1. Super simple, basically just glue everything in the tin!

2. On the top I like to stamp it. But you could add ribbon, paper, etc. on the top as well. I bet so many of you could create some of these far better than I!



Don’t you think these would be cute to send to all your nieces and nephews in the mail for Christmas? Or to give out to your church class if you found out what their favorite little toy was? You could keep these in your purse to keep your child busy in a flash. Your kids could make these for their cousins or friends at school.

Some other themes I thought of were: Superhero LEGO flying through the sky, puppy with a dog bowl and bed, dinosaur and a volcano, wood peg doll, polly pocket land, Christmas tree with a small figurine, a picture of the child inside, or a picture of the child glued onto a mini doll inside.


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These are so adorable! I'm absolutely enchanted. :)

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