mickey’s halloween party

by @according2kelly on October 6, 2014

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disneyland, the happiest place on earth just got a wee bit spookier – & i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

although i dressed up as little bo peep, maybe i’m really just bad girl at heart, because the “villains” have taken over the park, & i think it’s absolutely fabulous.

toy-story-halloween-costume-mickeys trick or treat

now thru the end of the month (october 31st) to be exact, the entire disneyland resort has been transformed & “boo-tified.”

literally hundreds, if not thousands, of pumpkins decorate the park.

jack skellington & his nightmare before christmas crew are celebrating the holidays in their “usual” manner at the haunted mansion.

haunted mansion holiday

& once again space mountain has become ghost galaxy.

& while this is definitely my most favorite time of year at the disneyland resort (we’ve already gone several times, just to soak it all in) – the halloween season isn’t official until we’ve attended mickey’s halloween party.

break out the halloween costumes, because this is definitely the party of the season.


most kids look forward all year, to trick-or-treating. what’s not to love?

costumes & candy all rolled into one fun-filled night? the only thing that could possibly top that, would be trick-or-treating at the happiest place on earth. & during mickey’s halloween party, that’s exactly what you do!

mickey’s halloween party is an “after-hours” party meaning it requires separate admission ticket & only takes place on select nights during october.


in addition to access to nearly all the disneyland attractions, mickey’s halloween party is filled with spine-tingling attractions & entertainment.

it’s definitely not like any other halloween party you’ve ever attended.

dance parties, trick-or-treat stations galore, mickey’s costume party cavalcade (a special halloween parade), photo opps galore, spooky carolers & villain encounters.

but my personal favorite is the halloween screams fireworks show – it’s AHHHH-mazing!

like knock-your-socks-off-open-mouth-gaping kind of amazing.

& attending mickey’s halloween party is the only way to see the show.


really & truly – mickey’s halloween party is something the kids & look forward to all year round. but, make sure to purchase your mickey’s halloween party tickets early, it almost always sells out ahead of time, it’s that fabulous.



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