hood to coast-relay-race

hood-to-coast-relay24 amazing women, ran what is probably THE most highly sought-after relay race in the entire world… the hood to coast relay, sponsored by nuun (the absolutely best hydration drink out there).

starting at mt. hood, oregon they ran nearly 200 miles, as a team all the way to seaside, on the oregon coast.

seriously, what could be more fun? “stunning scenery, sweaty people in a van together for 24 hours, running in the dark with a headlamp and head-to-toe reflectors, tomfoolery galore (& maybe some singing?) before a dramatic finish on the oregon coast, and a giant party on the beach with all of your friends.”

2 teams of 12 women each
+ 4 drivers
+ 200 miles + unlimited supply of nuun
+ a rainbow of team sparkle skirts
= one incredibly epic journey

read about this totally-awesome-completely-fabulous adventure for yourself:

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