sprinkles make everything better

by @according2kelly on March 1, 2015


i was “supposed” to run 15 miles – at least that’s what my training schedule said. but my legs, my body & especially my head just couldn’t go that far. two weeks until the ASICS LA Marathon & the 10 miles i completed felt long & hard.

despite running 25 miles two weeks ago, i’m really starting to doubt myself.

i know i’m supposed to “relish” the bad runs, but it is so much harder than it sounds. however i do realize that without the bad runs, it’s difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones.

really looking forward to being able cancel out all these bad runs. & yes, #SprinklesMakeEverythingBetter.

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adventures in orange county: Newport Beach

by @according2kelly on February 28, 2015

exploring-newport-beach-civic-centercuriouser and curiouser… i thought i was exploring newport beach, yet i’m feeling more like alice in wonderland.

want to get lost down the rabbit hole? head on over to the newport beach civic center & park, located practically around the corner from fashion island. you’ll find an amazing green space filled with sculptures, picnic areas, wetlands, bridges, a dog park, viewing platforms, and 16 bunny sculptures.


weimaraners are my favorite

by @according2kelly on February 24, 2015


whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog. #GigiTheDog #WeimaranersAreMyFavorite

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running for those who can’t

by @according2kelly on February 15, 2015

asics-la-marathon-trainingnearly 39,000 steps, 25 miles & way too many hours on the treadmill… today’s ASICA LA Marathon training run was literally long & extremely hard.

i spent most of the run thinking about all the girls with retts syndrome – it’s amazing how much #runningforthosewhocan’t really puts everything in perspective.

on the bright side, i’ve fallen in love “at first run” with my new ASICS 33-MM’s – i’m practically running on clouds with these on my feet.


sparkle & shine

by @according2kelly on February 14, 2015

training-for-asics-la-marathoneven though i’m not racing, that doesn’t mean i can’t sparkle. tomorrow’s ASICS LA Marathon training run will require that i dig deep, & i can’t think of a better to reason to sparkle & shine.

when my legs get tired (& i know they will), i will run with my heart – thinking of all the girls with rett syndrome.

tomorrow i’m #runningforthosewhocan’t.

#BeAwesome #ChooseJoy #BeBrave


happy valentine’s day

by @according2kelly on February 14, 2015

donutsall you need is love, & donuts.


perfection isn’t the only option

by @according2kelly on February 13, 2015

you can do anything

i’m extremely good at letting feelings of being overwhelmed & inadequate take over. comparing myself to a list of expectations that are completely unrealistic.

i need to remember that perfection isn’t the only option. that i am a “work in progress.” that while i can most definitely do absolutely anything my little heart desires or dreams about, i simply can’t do everything. & that’s ok.

#BeAwesome#ChooseJoy #BeBrave


afternoon delight

by @according2kelly on February 12, 2015

malvi-mallowafternoon delight… hot chocolate (aka warmed up chocolate milk) topped with fluffy malvi mallow bites.

it’s the perfect “my after” following a long training run.


must. resist. temptation.

by @according2kelly on February 12, 2015

candy-heartsthe struggle is real… it’s hard to resist these candy hearts. but once i
start eating them, i know i can’t (& won’t) stop.

Must. Resist. Temptation.


red velvet oreo cookies

by @according2kelly on February 10, 2015

red-velvet-oreosi’m a sucker for red velvet. what do they say? a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips? when it comes to red velvet oreo cookies, it doesn’t matter… rhe combination of rich red velvet & a cream cheese filling? me oh my, what’s not to love? it’s not too early to start carbo-loading for the ASICS LA Marathon is it?