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happy everything.

by @according2kelly on September 11, 2008

who says you can’t celebrate the “every day”? gather your supplies, break out the sewing machine & let’s make some “happy everything” banners. they are super easy & pretty quick… you’ll be done in no time at all.

supplies needed:
* somewhere between 4 & 24 different fat quarters, depending on how many “different” fabrics you want in your banner (you can get about 6 double-sided flags from one fat quarter, and each banner has about 24 (or 18) double-sided flags total, depending on the length of your bias tape)
* bias tape (which style you use, is totally up to you… i’ve used both single fold bias tape & double fold bias tape… personally, i prefer the double fold, simply because i think it’s easier, but, the single folds over into a really cute & tiny edge. i usually use whatever i have on hand. it should be noted that most bias tapes come 4 yards in length, however some are 3 yards. if you are using the yard variety you’ll have a total of 24 double-sided flags, however if you use the 3 yard variety you’ll end up with 18 double-sided flags)
* basic “other” sewing supplies… rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, sewing pins, pinking shears (although not totally necessary) & a sewing machine

fold your fat quarter in half so that it’s measurements are aprroximately 22″ x 9″. using your ruler, cut the fat quarter down so that it is is only 8 1/2″ inches tall… the new measurements (while still folded in half ) are approximately 22″ x 8.5″.

keeping the fabric folded in half (that way, with each cut you’ll actually be making 2 flags, instead of just one!) & making sure the end that you are going to start cutting on, is on a whole number (it’s just easier for me to count when there’s a whole number involved). use your ruler to cut the first side of your triangular shaped flag. (i find it easier to lay my ruler on the lower right hand corner, & angle it so, that at the top it is 3 inches to left of my starting point. make sense?)

for the second cut, start with your ruler at the top (the point that is now 3 inches in from the side) & angle it down, 3 more inches to the left of the center point. for example: if you look at this picture closely (if it’s not big enough, click on it it enlarge). notice how on the right hand side, the lowest corner starts on the 25″ mark… for the first cut, i layed my ruler starting at the 25″ mark on the bottom & angled the ruler up & to the left 3″, so that it ended on the 22″ mark on the top. for my second cut, my ruler started on the 22″ mark on the top, & then i angled the ruler down & out 3″ from this middle point, so the ruler crossed the lower edge at the 19″ mark.

when all is said & done, you’ll have all these pretty little triangle that measures 8 1/2″ tall, & 6″ wide. have i lost you yet?

after you’ve cut the first triangle, you start all over, simply angling your next cut 3″ inches up & to the left…. as you can see (in the picture), the triangles will alternate with the “points” being up on top, & then on the bottom. when you are all finished, you should be able to get approximately 6 (double-sided) flags from one fat quarter.

repeat this same “cutting” process for your remaining fat quarters. remember, you only need 24 double-sided flags (a total of 48 individual flags, hopefully that doesn’t confuse you), or 18 double-sided flags (36 individual) if you are using the 3 yard bias tape.

after all your flags are cut, sew two individual flags together (wrong-sides together, with a 1/2″ seam) so that you have 24 (or 18) double-sided flags. it’s not necessary to sew shorter straight side of the triangle (i’m sure there is some correct, mathematical term for this side, but i have no clue what it is), because that side will be enclosed in the bias tape.

now, this next step is totally optional, but… if you use pinking shears on the long sides of the trianlge (yet another technical term i don’t know), it gives the flags a very cute, finished-looking edge. (click on the picture to enjoy the cuteness.)

now it’s time to break out the bias tape. (don’t worry, we’re almost done!) so what you want to do is enclose the “shorter” edges of the triangles inside the bias tape. it’s much easier (although it takes a bit more time) if you pin the corners of each flag, inside the bias tape. as for spacing of the flags, that’s totally up to you, personally i like the flags butted up against each other, with little or no space in between.

baby, it’s time to sew! after everything has been pinned & you’ve made sure you’ve caught all those little triangle corners inside the bias tape, sew as close to the open edge of the binding as possible. (you may or may not have noticed that one side of the binding is slightly shorter than the other side. it’s easiest to sew the binding, if you sew with that slightly shorter side on top…. and then, ta da! you are all done. your very own “happy everything” banner.