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wordless wednesday: love is in the air.

by @according2kelly on January 27, 2010


i’m a maxxinista.

by @according2kelly on January 5, 2010

with a little help from heather bailey, i turned my $7 tj maxx find, into something worthy of hanging on my wall. i love a good refashion that’s both quick & easy. what have you re-purposed lately?


plastic spoon reindeer

by @according2kelly on December 22, 2009

who knew plastic spoons could provide soooo much entertainment value?
check out the easy-breezy tutorial HERE.


plastic spoon turkeys

by @according2kelly on November 25, 2009

just in time for turkey day… a super easy craft for you & the kiddos.
& you won’t even have to rush out to the craft store. more than
likely, you have all the supplies on hand. & if you don’t, just improvise.
ready to make your own plastic spoon turkeys? just click the whrrl
story below. soon you’ll have turkeys gobble gobbling all over the place.

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it’s beginning to look like halloween.

by @according2kelly on October 16, 2009

finished. yep! costumes are finished (at least the kids’ are. costumes for me & the mr. are still in the works.) however, the house is still covered in a mess of glitter & tulle. any guesses on what we are going to be for halloween?


stick a fork in it.

by @according2kelly on August 12, 2009

lately, crafting has had to take a back seat to life. i have to admit that i have yet to break out the sewing machine since charlie’s been born… there’s just too much effort involved. so, when i can come up with a project that is quick & easy, i get a little giddy & go just a tad bit overboard.

recently, i was on the hunt for some vintage (otherwise known as someone else’s unwanted junk) spoons, for another project i had in mind. i ended up purchasing a whole bag of vintage forks as well, figuring i’d come up with something to do with them. although i still haven’t gotten around to the spoon project, i did manage to make a thing or two, with a couple of the forks… i’m loving my new repurposed (or is it cooler if i call it recycled? or is up-cycled?) fork photo holder & fork easel. the photo holder is perfect for holding little snapshots (or possibly a to-do list) on the fridge, while the easel is now proudly displaying some of my favorite recipes. stick a fork in it… i’m done.


happy fourth of july.

by @according2kelly on July 3, 2009

here’s hoping your holiday is filled with sunshine, family, lots of good food & a few fireworks. no plans are “set” yet, but i’m sure we will end up having a bbq which means loads of mom’s patio beans, rene’s artichoke dip, and something yummy for dessert, maybe a big ‘ole slice of lemonade cake with lots & lots of frosting. if we have a little free time, THIS project will be perfect… both quick & easy. have a great holiday weekend! & don’t forget, today’s the last day to sign up for the swap!

image via ser.en.dipi.ty


D.I.Y. boutique wipes case tutorial

by @according2kelly on June 9, 2009

lately, my crafting time is either very limited or totally non-existant… which makes sewing anything completely out of the question. but giving up crafting cold turkey is definitely not an option. so, i’ve had to to devise some crafts that i can do standing up, holding a baby, in a very short time period. luckily, you can never have too many fancy-nancy boutique style wipes case – especially if you don’t have to pay the fancy-nancy boutique style prices…

D.I.Y. boutique wipes case tutorial
supplies needed: one travel wipes case, some batting, a fabric scrap, mod podge & sponge brush, trim and hot glue.
time needed: 1/2 hour
crafting expertise: beginner… if you can wield a glue gun, you’re good to go.

click on pictures to enlarge


playing dress up.

by @according2kelly on May 19, 2009

okay, okay… i’ve got something to admit. i’m kinda getting used to the whole “girly” thing, & a little bit of pink, doesn’t exactly mean the end of the world. i’m slowly adjusting to this new life, with this new little girl. & it’s definitely true what they say… dressing the little princess for the day is way more fun than the boys ever were. there’s just something magical about ruffles & lace. 


decisions, decisions.

by @according2kelly on April 15, 2009

way, way back, what seems like a zillion years ago, i thought i had things figured out. of course that particular quilt was more purple-y & girly in the traditional kind of way. but i pretty much assumed it had been hung on the wall to stay. but now that this quilt has arrived home & is currently testing out the spot on the wall, i’m having a hard time making a decision. it really isn’t that big of a deal, or at least that’s what the hubby is continually telling me. but, right now it is a big deal, at least to my sanity. this simple decision will have a huge, no astronomical impact on the entire room. whichever quilt is chosen will ultimately play a big part in the decision regarding what color to paint the powder blue dresser (perhaps a bright tangerine for a little pop! or maybe we don’t paint it at all?). it will also effect (or is it affect?) the wall hangings, light fixtures & all the other little odds & ends that will play apart of making this room “hers”… in the end, this simple quilt decision could totally & completely shape this little lady’s personality & life-to-be. okay, so maybe i am being just a bit over dramatic, it’s just the hormones talking. but seriously, this is a big decision, & i hate making decisions.