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by @according2kelly on May 17, 2011

thanks to ridemakerz, my kid’s (BOTH the boy’s & the girl’s) dreams came true this weekend. we spent saturday morning at downtown disney, where we were able to customize our cars (or trick out our ridez as the shop employees called it).

trust me – if you’re visiting downtown disney (either in anaheim or at walt disney world), make sure to pay a visit to ridemakerz. i can pretty much guarantee that everyone in your family will enjoy customizing their very own car (i know we did). it’s not so much a question of whether you will trick out a ride, but rather which

there are definitely so many carz (or rather ridez) to choose from, it can definitely be overwhelming, having to choose just one car.

little o choose to customize his very own nascar. gavin picked up a carbon lightning mcqueen & charlie suped-up a custom sally. me – i went with the stealth mater (with classic white wall tires, of course).

after a saturday morning at ridemakerz, i’m pretty sure my kids would all agree… happiness comes in a ridemakerz box.

unfortunately for me, seeing that ridemakerz just debuted four new Cars 2 vehicles (including lightning mcqueen, mater, finn mcmissile & francesco), i’m guessing we will be back soon.

RIDEMAKERZ - cars 2 carsridemakerz coupon

luckily, father’s day weekend (saturday & sunday) ridemakerz is offering families to “come on down & build one ridez & get one FREE.” (although, the brand new CARS line isn’t included in the deal, other ridez like the ford mustang, nascar racecar, viper, challenger & the rest are included.)

no compensation, of any kind, was received for this post. although, my family & i were invited guests of ridemakerz, & were provided gift certificates to build cars. however, we had already previously visited, fallen in love with, & actually paid to build cars at ridemakerz. in the end, the opinions represented here are 100% those of me & my family, & were not influenced in any way… you & your kids REALLY are going to love ridemakerz.