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pumpkins, candy, & skully’s, oh my!

by @according2kelly on October 22, 2009

the decorations are finally up (about time, eh?
all i can say is, it’s been one of those kind of weeks months).
does it surprise you that the candy dish is already empty?
check out my whrrl story HERE, for a peek at some of my favorite
 halloween touches. how do YOU decorate for halloween?
leave me a link, i’d love to do a little blog-hopping this weekend!


you might think i’m crazy, & i probably am.

by @according2kelly on August 27, 2009

but i just couldn’t resist. i spotted this beauty & bought it on the spot. i honestly don’t know where it’s going to go, my house is currently filled to over – capacity already, but i just couldn’t pass it up – it was such a steal. i’m tempted to give it a little make over, a la design mom. have you done anything lately that has people questioning your sanity just a wee bit? i think my hubby is ready to ship me off to the funny farm, with this recent purchase. but the piano just captivated me, there was no way i could let it go home with someone else, it was calling out my name. now, i just have to figure out how to get it home.


charlie’s world.

by @according2kelly on May 12, 2009

if you’ve been following my baby drama, then you know i was having a tough time making any kind of decision regarding the newest little princess’ palace. which quilt to hang, what color to paint the dresser, blah blah blah. at that “point in my life,” i felt like these decisions were uber-important… you know, a “make it, or break it” type of thing. but we all know, that was just the hormones talking.

after agonizing over the decisions for weeks, boring my hubby, mom & friends by constantly asking them over & over again for their opinion, i still couldn’t make up my mind. the night before going to the hospital i must have changed the quilt on the wall four different times. eventually i settled on one i thought i like best. but there still wasn’t anything on the walls. we packed up the boys & headed out in search of some “artwork”… there’s nothing like last minute. we did find a little something, but i still wasn’t exactly loving the room, but with a hospital stay drawing nearer to my future i finally decided i would just deal with it all later.

luckily for me though i have a doll of a hubby. while i was vacationing at the hospital, the hubby, my mil & the boys were playing “surprise by design.” as i sipped apple juice & feasted on crushed ice they were painting, decorating & putting the finishing touches on charlie’s world…



what was once new…

by @according2kelly on April 27, 2009

i had big plans for recycling a dresser, similar to what we had done HERE. but unfortunately, i just couldn’t find the right piece of furniture. scratch that…. i couldn’t find anything. you would think that months of searching thrift stores & garage stores, i would have found something. but nope – nada. the few things i did find were small & really, really, really over-priced. so, we ended up with something from ikea. the only drawback to our to our nice, new dresser was that it was powder blue…. which doesn’t exactly scream little girl. luckily, a can of paint is cheap. so we slopped on the paint (literally, because i don’t like things that look perfectly perfect), took some sand paper to it, added a few vintage-esque knobs & viola! we have ourselves a new, old dresser.


bob the builder.

by @according2kelly on March 24, 2009

this morning we’ve been keeping busy. the boys have been “consolidated” into one room, amazingly. so now it’s time to get to work girl-ifying the princess’ new royal palace. i had the brilliant idea of picking up an old beat up dresser at one of the local thrift shops & making it purr-ty, like we did HERE. would you believe that all of dressers i came across were super pricey, like over $200! hello?! so, instead, we decided to go pick something up from ikea. assembling it this morning gave me a good chance to do some bonding with the boys. seeing that i was able to assemble the dresser with the actual help of two little boys & an elmo hammer – i hoping that speaks more to the brilliance & simplicity of ikea, as opposed to really shoddy craftsmanship. i guess we will see. now we just have to decide what color to paint the dresser, the baby blue just doesn’t seem fitting.


family tree.

by @according2kelly on October 16, 2008

while wandering aimlessly through ikea a while back, i stumbled across this idea using a “family tree” to decorate a blank wall. (click on picture to enlarge). the ikea instructions read “create a family tree using STATTHULT wall stickers and NYTTJA frames. start by applying the stickers to the wall and arranging them any way you wany. then with family pictures inside, attach the frames to the wall interwining them in the tree.”

at ikea they showed the idea in a baby nursery, but it would be perfect for a living room, a hallway, or anywhere you have a little bit of blank wall space.


bright & shiny.

by @according2kelly on October 14, 2008

lately all my plates & bowls have been cracking & chipping. as much as i love my current dinnerware, i’m thinking it might be time to start thinking about getting something new. THIS
set of recycled glass dinnerware caught my eye. i love all the bright & shiny colors!


vintage rulers.

by @according2kelly on October 10, 2008

one day i’ll have entire room dedicated completely to sewing (as opposed the kitchen table that is currently completely dedicated to sewing). when this day comes, i also have an unlimited budget with which to furnish said room. what’s on top of my must-have list (besides a vintage sewing machine or two?), THIS vintage ruler table &/or THIS stool. how cute are they? i love ’em.


quick fixes.

by @according2kelly on March 6, 2008

thanks to a recent swap partner, the lovely laura, i have been introduced to a fun austrailian magazine called real living. the issue i received was full of quick tips for decorating your space & i wanted to share an idea or two… (click on picture to enlarge)

in the first picture they hung silver trays on the walls instead of mirrors. genius! and the second picture is a collage of magazine pages & pictures taped to the wall instead of wall paper. simply beautiful.

quick, easy, & fun. not to mention, both of these ideas use things that you probably have lying around the house – gotta love that!


tea anyone?

by @according2kelly on February 26, 2008

ever since i was a little girl i’ve had a thing for pretty tea cups. there is something so lovely about how delicate & dainty they are. so when i spied THIS clock in country living magazine, it came at no surprise that i wanted it immediately! unfortunately the price tag blew me away. but if i put my thinking cap on, i bet i could figure out a way to make it myself. (super duty craft glue could probably do the trick.) what a fun excuse to go hunting through yard sales & antique shops. i think i’m up to the challenge, are you?