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my favorite tee.

by @according2kelly on February 6, 2009

i LOVE these Mossimo 3/4 sleeve t-shirts from target. they are long, slim-fitting & stretchy… perfect for covering my ever-expanding belly. & at just $8.99 i can afford to buy one in all of my favorite colors, & trust me, they have plenty of colors to choose from. so check them out, they might just become your favorite too!


my latest target finds.

by @according2kelly on July 25, 2008

i look forward, with much excitement & glee, to my weekly shopping trip to target. on my recent trip i spotted us map puzzles, learn your colors flip books, mini globes, & a whole slew of other “slightly” educational toys & books in the dollar section. i also picked up the most recent addition to my wardrobe… a ruffly gray shirt. gosh! i love that place.

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accessories according to urban.

by @according2kelly on July 25, 2008

shopping at urban outfitters, while in new york, i came across some fabulous accessories, that i just had to have.

THIS eye-catching peacock bangle hasn’t left my wrist yet.

and i actually didn’t get THESE earrings. instead i came home with a bright & beautiful peacock feather necklace. but, i guess they aren’t selling it online, so THESE fancy baubles will have to do.


currently lusting after.

by @according2kelly on July 3, 2008

i LOVE the silver glitter toms, heck, i love anything that has the word glitter in it’s name! i may just have to get a pair. they would definitely put some spiff! in every & any outfit. plus, for every pair of toms shoes purchase, toms will give a pair of shoes to a child in need… so, my purchase would really just be more of a good deed in disguise. i think i’m sold.


these are a few of my favorite things.

by @according2kelly on June 23, 2008

you may or may not remember that i am a complete purse addict. it’s such a quick & easy accessory… my closet is full of them (more so, then i’d like to admit). & harvey’s seat belt bags, are definitely some of my favorites. they are made from real seat belts, so you know the purses are going to be sturdy & wear well. THIS treecycle tote is one of personal favorite. it’s made from recycled seat belts (which makes me fell good about myself… i’m doing something good for the environment by buying it), it’s large enough to hold my big camera, my wallet, a couple of diapers, and all my other “stuff”, & because the seat belts are multi-colored, it goes with everything. view the entire harvey’s collection HERE. want to save some cash? find out about the “secret” sale HERE.


you can always count on martha & etsy.

by @according2kelly on May 29, 2008

want your own pair of sandals that are both cute & comfy? bummed because your size, in the pair you want, isn’t in stock? leave to martha & etsy to solve our quandary. for all you do-it-youselfers out there, martha’s got some great instructions HERE (& even a video demonstration) on how to “embellish dr. scholl’s sandals & turn them into fashionable – & functional – works of art.” not up to embellishing your own pair? not a problem! etsy shop love your soles has got you covered. check out her fabulous listings HERE… she’s got everything from strips to polka dots, and yes, even leopard spots. don’t see your size? or, maybe you want a different color, etc? just contact her, she does custom orders.

image via love your soles


your feet will thank you.

by @according2kelly on May 29, 2008

i spent yesterday at disneyland. it was a perfect day… the crowds were light, the weather was perfect & my kids actually behaved pretty well. but the entire time i had total shoe envy. one of the gals i was with had the cutest shoes on, & she swears they are the most comfortable shoes ever. she even let me try them on, & for the brief moment they were on my feet, i was in heaven. now, i just have to find a pair in my size. get your own pair HERE (that is, if they have YOUR size). i may just have to settle for these or these.


my newest favorite shirt.

by @according2kelly on May 13, 2008

gotta love target. picked up THIS puppy for just $12.99. green not your color? don’t worry, it also comes in purple, black & gray. it’s cute & comfortable & perfect for every occasion. love it!


etsy to the rescue.

by @according2kelly on April 28, 2008

remember THIS post? remember how badly i wanted a different bracelet for every day of the week? remember how i was lamenting about how expensive they were & was even considering trying to make my own? thankfully, i no longer have to consider going to such extremes. i tell you, my fairy god mother must have been listening. yep, it’s true my fgm (fairy god mother) really does exist, & i have proof… she sent me the lovely caroline, via etsy, to grant my wishes. i’ve just placed my order for a pair of her beautiful words on your wrist bracelets. as soon as i saw the bracelets in her shop, i knew i had to have them, so i snatched them up, quick as quick can be. as i type, i’m imaganing how cute they would have looked with my outfit today. actually i’m sure they’ll will look cute with just about every outfit… i might be wearing them every day. wanna get your own? shop HERE (she’s got lots of other, loverly things for sale as well).

image via caroline.


no one has to know you didn’t take a shower.

by @according2kelly on April 25, 2008

seriously… that’s why hats were invented. although, some people (such as myself. i swear i shower, almost daily) find hats another quick and easy way to accessorize another boring (meaning my standard t-shirt & jeans) outfit. here are some of my current wants, you know, in case my fairy god mother is reading…you can find them HERE, HERE & HERE. or how about a classic baseball hat? that will definitely do the trick as well.