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i lost my virginity this weekend.

by @according2kelly on September 8, 2009


early sunday morning, along with about 13,000 people, i laced up my sneakers, loaded up the playlist & hit the pavement running… for my first ever 1/2 marathon.

although running 13.1 miles is definitely a daunting task, it’s a wee bit easier when you have a friend or two by your side (or at least in the near vicinity).

with an “official chip time” of 2 hours, 13 minutes & 15 seconds and a division place of 239 (of 1252 women ages 30-34), i’m feeling pretty good about myself. not bad for a gal 4 months & 4 days post baby, & about two weeks of training. now the question is, what’s next?


who i am.

by @according2kelly on August 31, 2009

recently i was challenged to write about myself using 25 words or less. kinda like my own, self-describing personnel ad, complete with self-portrait. here was the end result…

cherry coke drinking, crushed ice loving, bike riding, apron wearing, marathon training, surprisingly shy, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3 with ADD crafting tendencies.

care to play along? i’d love to get to know YOU even better.

step one: take your self portrait. no primping necessary (check me out in all my mountain biking glory… complete with helmet hair & a thin coating of dirt)

step two: describe yourself in 25 words or less

step three: introduce yourself to the world (or at least me), by posting it to your blog. just make sure to leave a comment here, so i can make the blog rounds. or, if you’re feeling lazy, just post your 25 word bio in my comment section. either way, i can’t wait to get to know you just a wee bit better.

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my happily ever after.

by @according2kelly on August 11, 2009

once upon a time, in a land so very far away… a girl met a boy. the setting was picturesque, a quaint little ski village nestled away in the mountains.

as the fates would have it, late one afternoon we find both the boy and girl – alone, in this magical winter wonderland. & as if destined to meet, together they rode the last chair lift of the day, to the top of the mountain. just as their journey began, the snow softly started to fall, each little snowflake glistening like diamonds. & the sun was slowly setting, casting a beautiful, soft candle lite glow. and, just like in the fairy-tales… it was love-at-first-sight. by the end of that momentous chair life ride, they had fallen madly in love, each knowing that they had finally met “the one”.

okay, so maybe that really isn’t exactly how it happened. but we did meet at sundance, & for one of the parties involved there may, or may not, have been a slight inkling of love-at-first sight, although it may have taken the other party a couple of months to notice (let’s just say that i am definitely a blonde, & often times can be a bit oblivious. i thought we were just friends). & it definitely was fate, because honestly, i’m really not that good of a snowboarder, & to think that someone actually hired little ‘ole me to instruct others in the art of snowboarding? yes! no question about it, it was definitely fate. but, eight years after pledging our eternal love to one another, we are still just as happy, & more in love than ever.

as they say “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” and together, jeffy & i have had plenty of take your breath away type of moments: we’ve feed the sharks in bora bora, rocked out at more concerts than i can count, survived the wilds of australia. had two wild & crazy boys, a baby girl (with a boys name) & a pup named gigi. sailed the spanish coast. remodeled our entire house – ourselves. got literally lost in italy (to this day, i’m still amazed we aren’t still lost wandering around the italian countryside). went to the winter olympics. surfed in hawaii. cheered for the angels more times than i can count. snowboarded beneath the shadows of the matterhorn (the real one, not the one at disneyland). made it out of canada alive. practically lived at disneyland – we’ve been so many times. lived like the flintstones in turkey. kissed with the eiffel tower looming overhead. graduated law school. passed the bar exam. kissed the blarney stone. finished my MBA program. scootered around greece. attended the tour de france & to many other adventures to name.

what’s even more amazing? it’s only been eight long short years. we’ve still got the rest of our lives ahead of us. i’m not saying our life together has been “practically perfect in every way.” we’ve definitely had our share of ups & downs. but if we’ve made it this far, i know we can weather every & any storm. i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. i’m definitely looking forward to continuing to live… happily ever after.


the truth about motherhood.

by @according2kelly on July 9, 2009

going on month number two in little charlie’s life, i still find myself pretty much housebound. that’s right, i haven’t quite gotten the hang of taking three kids out on the town. & as much as i’d prefer to be crafting, holding my little baby, doesn’t leave much time for projects. so, these days i find myself watching lots of tv. did you happen to catch oprah’s the truth about motherhood episode? maybe it’s just the stage (of life) i’m in right now, but i swear the entire show was the extension of an on-going conversation playing inside my head. everything they said, i could totally relate to… “oprah is saluting moms everywhere and letting them know they have support. ‘we hear from mothers all the time who say they feel alone. they feel overwhelmed; they feel sometimes inadequate. and you say you’re afraid to admit the truth for fear of bing judge,” oprah says. ‘so today we’re creating a judgment-free zone, a sisterhood of motherhood where anything goes.”

when they said “the expectations we have on ourselves is completely unrealistic. this generation of women was raised to believe that we should and could do it all… and that list (of expectations) is so huge that we think if we can’t live up to that, then we’re not good moms.” i wanted to shout: AMEN! & i couldn’t agree more with the idea that “the one universal truth about motherhood seems to be that no one ever tells you what to really expect.” so, today, i too am “creating a judgment-free zone, a sisterhood of motherhood where anything goes”. & although i LOVE being a mom, (i really, really do!), sometimes, i wish i had been more prepared for motherhood, if you know what i mean. so, here are some of the truths about motherhood, that no one remembered to tell me. maybe someone else can benefit, or possibly at least relate…

* every woman doesn’t LOVE being prego. there definitely are some women who do, but i wasn’t one of them. i hated getting fat, i never had that “pregnancy glow”. all in all, pregnancy isn’t exactly my favorite stage in life.
* recovery AFTER the delivery can sometimes be harder, and worse, than the actual delivery. (i was put on bed rest for 6 weeks after i had gavin.)
* stay in the hospital as long as possible. you might be bored & lonely, but when you go home, you’re on your own. at least in the hospital you can call a nurse for help.
* i must not have paid very good attention during health class, because i did not realize i would bleed for weeks. (a bit personal, i know, but a truth about motherhood that i did not know.)
* breastfeeding might be natural, but it is definitely NOT easy & often times it can be painful
* hemorrhoids, ‘nuf said!
* your boobs will never be perfect again… they’ll get super huge (& probably painful while engorged), & then they’ll shrink down, practically becoming indentations.
* just because you carried the baby for nine months, doesn’t mean you can soothe & quiet them when they are screaming bloody murder, for hours & hours on end.
* sometimes, you’ll go days without showering. a pony tail will become your new ‘do, a hat your new best friend, & you can go hours without realizing you haven’t eaten anything.
* finding the energy & time to do all the things you “used” to do isn’t going to be easy
* sleeping more than 2 hours in a row should be considered a luxury
* getting the time & energy to clean the house, fold the laundry, or load the dishwasher will make you feel like you’ve won the lottery
* counting the number of wet & dirty diapers will become your new hobby
* you’ll find yourself thinking “of a day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than thirty minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath: one unit, watching countdown: one unit, web-based research: two units, exercising: three units, having my hair carefully disheveled: four units. It’s amazing how the day fills up. (especially when you are feeding the baby every 6 units!)”via about a boy.
* in the end, holding your little baby, seeing them smile, hearing them laugh… will make you forget everything else, as though it never happened, & make you willing to possibly, do it all over again.
edited to add:
* i always knew i was going to breastfeed, i just was never prepared for how much i could (and would) leak. i didn’t realize that i could soak through my shirt, even while wearing a nursing pad.
* i wasn’t prepared for being man-handled by everyone. i didn’t realize that i would also get used to totally strangers grabbing & “feeling up” my boobs.

so, your turn. what are some of the truths about motherhood that you wished someone had told you? what’s the real scoop on motherhood?


singing charlie into the world.

by @according2kelly on May 14, 2009

my gal pal, let’s call her “c” for anonymity’s sake, is the ultimate party planner. construction themed birthday parties (complete with dirt cupcakes) & winter parties involving an incredible hot chocolate bar, just to describe a few of her past soirees. so, when i requested an unconventional baby shower, she didn’t even bat an eye. instead of making me & all the other guests play “guess mom’s tummy size” or “name that baby food,” we sang our little hearts out. that’s right! we celebrated charlie’s impending arrival into this world at a korean karaoke studio. (i didn’t realize places like this actually existed outside of the movie lost in translation, let alone my own hometown suburbia.) the evening consisted of good friends, good food & lots of songs involving the words baby & girl. for those of you who missed out on the fun, & those of you in attendance that want to re-live the night, here’s a 3 minute & 38 second recap. & i apologize in advance for the quality…. but, the room was dark with a strobe light, which made it hard to video tape. plus, it’ll help protect the identity of the singer’s, even if just a little bit.


she’s done cooking.

by @according2kelly on May 5, 2009

almost every day for the past nine months, gavin has asked the same question “is the baby done cooking yet?” after months of anticipation & preparation, we can finally answer “YES!” but, if you’ve been following me on twitter, you probably already knew that. (missed the play-by-play action? you can catch up on all the recent happenings HERE.) anyway, without further ado, i’m pleased to introduce you to our little bundle of joy…

charlie (charlotte) mae. born saturday, may 2, 2009. 2:20 pm. 7 lbs. & 19 inches.

the boys are already smitten with her (as are we!), so it looks like we are going to keep her. & i might be a tad biased, but one look at her chubby cheeks, button nose, rosebud lips & mini fro-hawk and i can pretty much guarantee – she will melt your heart.


a play on words.

by @according2kelly on February 5, 2009

what do you get when you combine a t-shirt, a little dye, some home-made stencils & a spritz of household cleaner? the perfect birthday present for a gal who likes to “make stuff”.


an angel among us.

by @according2kelly on October 27, 2008

i was a junior in high school, and life was busy… i was junior class president. i was playing varsity tennis. i had a boyfriend, who had just swept me off my feet, & taken me to disneyland for the day. i had recently turned 16, gotten my drivers license & a car. my hair was finally growing out from an especially unattractive & short haircut. what can i say? life was nearly perfect. my biggest worries in life revolved around AP exams, term papers & deciding on the prom theme.

one evening that november, my parents called a family meeting. usually these meetings revolved around our then-flourishing tennis careers… determining tournament schedules, setting up practice matches, discussing “strategy”. however, this family discussion was much more serious than my brothers, sister & i could ever have been prepared for. words like cancer & chemotherapy were involved. tears were shed, people were angry, and lots of questions were asked. over the next several weeks, months & (luckily) years, we had several more family meetings. & unfortunately, those words that had brought so much sadness to our lives that fateful day, had quickly become part our daily vocabulary.

after many, many treatments, several surgeries & five and half years later, my father passed away after a long & hard battle with melanoma cancer. for my mother, however, her battle has continued on. over the last several years, she has organized an annual golf tournament, which has raised over $600,000 to support melanoma research at the john wayne cancer institute. my mom often says “i’ve always felt like they (jwci) kept him alive for five extra years. when he was diagnosed, they gave him six months to live. kerry, our daughter, was only four years old, so five extra years wan a lifetime to her. this is my way of giving back.”

last week, my mom was honored by the jwci’s auxiliary. they bestowed upon her their most prestigious honor, the “angel award”. congratulations mom! we’ve always known, but now the world knows as well… you definitely are an “angel among us.”



by @according2kelly on October 15, 2008

here’s a sneak peak at a custom apron i just sent out. besides being one of absolutely favorite apron patterns, i love that it’s reversible… a twofer. hope she enjoys.


true-life confessions.

by @according2kelly on August 13, 2008

  • i never went to bed last night. i ended up working late into the night, by the time i was finished it was 4:30. knowing 2 hours of sleep would be worse for me than no sleep, i got dressed & went to the early morning spin class.
  • i have been a total slacker lately, when it comes to blog comments. so, please! if you’ve left me a comment lately, & i haven’t responded yet, don’t hate me, or think i’m ignoring you… i’m just being lazy.
  • i haven’t cooked dinner for the two weeks.
  • i haven’t gone to the grocery store in over three weeks.
  • sometime during the week i ran out of shampoo… i had already gone one day (or so) without washing my hair, so i needed to do something. the baby powder smelling puppy shampoo was the best thing i could come up with. you bet i used it, & my hair has never smelled better.
  • my mortgage went up $800 this month… that hurts.
  • i think i need a vacation.
  • i didn’t make it to the gym yesterday. instead i ate an entire bag of circus peanuts.
  • i spaced the zip code on my swap package, so it came back to me. so i ended up sending out my package a day late. opps!
  • i think i’ve officially “let myself go”. last week, i wore a hat nearly every day, & my mom asked me if i ever do anything with my hair other than the princess leia buns i’ve been sporting lately.
  • i’m still driving with my spare tire because i’m too lazy, & don’t want to spend the money, to get it fixed.
  • up until yesterday, i had been to the eye doctor for about 2 years. unable to get new contacts, i’ve just been stealing jeffy’s.
  • i hate the word moist & the taste, or lack of taste, of water.
  • i haven’t relapsed yet. that’s a good thing, i think…