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giveaway a day

by @according2kelly on June 28, 2010

just wanted to give you a little heads up – for those of you who live, plan on visiting or have friends who live in, near, or anywhere around orange county… you definitely want to check out the just spotted giveaway a day series that started today. every single day (monday – friday, ending July 9th) just spotted is giving away one fabulous package after another. a sort of “summer survival.” some of the prizes are perfect for keeping you little ones, busy, entertained & in-check (at least for the day) while other prizes will be providing some much needed relief, just for mom. seriously, take my word for it, there are some super-fabulous prizes just waiting to be won… possibly by YOU. check out ALL of the giveaways HERE. & be sure to check back daily for an all-new-super-fantastic-totally-awesome giveaway.


it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

by @according2kelly on October 7, 2009

okay, okay. i know, halloween hasn’t even happened yet & i’m talking about christmas. but i’m just so dang excited! we’re already celebrating the holidays over at just spotted. i don’t want to spill the beans, you’ll have to go THERE yourself to find out all the details. but, i will give you a few hints… it involves a “giveaway” & “the happiest place on earth .” have i piqued your interest yet?


super fantastic, totally awesome giveaway.

by @according2kelly on May 19, 2009

do you live in or near orange county? even if you don’t – if you are willing to jump on a jet plane, ride the train, travel by car, run, hop or skip your way to the OC…. then, boy! do i have a giveaway for you.

one lucky person is going to win an on-location orange county portrait sitting & a complimentary 8×10 portrait (a package worth a whopping $320) from michelle photography. so how do YOU win? simply go HERE & leave a comment. how easy is that? so what are you still doing here? now go enter NOW! (& just because you aren’t local to the OC doesn’t mean you can’t enter… if you happen to win, you could always just “gift” your session to me as a baby present. i’m totally okay with that.) good luck… & may the force be with you.


it’s a giveaway.

by @according2kelly on May 5, 2009

holy cow! THIS is one awesome giveaway! with summer on it’s way, i definitely wish i could win. but since i can’t, maybe YOU can. try your luck HERE.


& the winner is…

by @according2kelly on February 18, 2009

thanks everyone who participated in my little game. you have no idea how excited i am to try out all of these new recipes. if you haven’t had a chance to peruse the recipes posted by everyone, i highly recommend it. i’m almost positive you’ll find a new favorite or two. now, on to what you’ve all been waiting for – this week’s randomly chosen, lucky winner is falls in the dead center of the pack: KRISTEN… i told you it would pay off to post multiple recipes.

i’m definitely looking forward to trying her chicken & broccoli casserole, the mini pizzas are sure to be a hit (& so easy!), & those club quesadillas sound delicious. &, her recipe organization idea is brilliant: “i also set up a blank recipe form that i copy & paste everything into so i always have a copy of the recipes that we all love or are willing to try. they are printed into a binder so i don’t have to search through cookbooks.” she also has created a cookbook binder of all the recipes that her family “know & love”, then she gives it away for wedding presents. what a great gift! i know i would really appreciate an entire binder of some one’s favorite recipes.

again, congratulations KRISTEN, & be sure to email me at so i can hook you up! & thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who played along!


hey good looking, what YOU got cooking? giveaway

by @according2kelly on February 10, 2009

lately, cooking dinner has become a bit of a chore. i’ve never professed to being a gourmet chef, but i do have a few favorite recipes, that have feed my family well over the years. but these days, even my old “tried & trues” just seem, well… boring. i’m definitely in need of a new recipe or two, but you know me – i’ve got this weird cook book phobia. so that’s where YOU come in.

so here’s the deal… i’m asking YOU to share YOUR favorite recipe(s). you know, your “tried & true”, the one your family asks for, that special meal that you look forward to eating. how easy is that? just cut & paste your favorite recipe. it doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be gourmet (in fact, the easier, the better), it just has to be yummy (but, if it’s YOUR favorite, i bet it’s delicious).

so, by now, i’m sure you’re asking, “what’s in it for me?” well, one lucky person is going to win one of my (self-proclaimed) fabulous & custom, apron creations. yep! yep! the winner of this giveaway will have an apron created just for her (or him).

so here are the rules of the game:
* you have until midnight PST on tuesday, february 17th to enter.
* simply post your recipe as a comment, on this post to enter.
* multiple entries ARE allowed. post multiple recipes & you will have multiple chances to win the apron.
* anyone can enter (so tell your friends), although anonymous comments will be ignored unless accompanied by an email address.
* the winner will be randomly picked & announced wednesday.

bon appetit!


& the winner is…

by @according2kelly on January 30, 2009

and the lucky gal is number 17, kristin who said:

i’d love to share an organizational tip with you, but truth is, i have none. there isn’t a single label in my house. and i’m constantly talking about how much easier our lives would be if could find stuff, but just don’t know where to start. moving twice in the last five months doesn’t help, but 2009 is a new kristin! organization here i come!

i’m hoping your new p-touch labeler will help you get a bit more organized, it did wonders for me! be sure to email me all your particulars, so we can get that p-touch labeler out to you as quick as quick can be. please, please, please contact me by wednesday, february 4th, otherwise i’ll be picking a new winner. thanks again everyone for playing, & congratulations kristin.


p-touch labeler giveaway.

by @according2kelly on January 26, 2009

i don’t know… maybe it’s just the typical new year clean & purge, or maybe it’s the typical pregnancy nesting. whatever the reason, i’ve definitely been on an organizational kick. my pantry is organized, the pots & pans are neatly stacked, i’ve cleaned out all of the closets & organized them all by color. toys have been sorted, the fabric stash is now neatly folded, even the hubby’s tools in the garage have been labeled & put away. & let me tell you, this isn’t normal “kelly” behavior. sure i’m tidy, but i’ve never been an organizational queen. but i have to admit, it’s actually rather fun. & as mary poppins says:

in ev’ry job that must be done
there is an element of fun
you find the fun & snap!
the job’s a game.

so how does a non-ocd girl like myself, find herself addicted to organizing, you ask? it’s all thanks to the latest addition to our household… a p-touch labeler. who knew this tiny, hand-held device would change my life? although, i’m the first to admit that i’ve probably gone a bit overboard (do you think labeling the “toilet paper” shelf is too much?), but it’s so much fun watching those little labels print out.

so are you jealous yet? wishing you had your own p-touch labeler? well, you are going to LOVE me… this week, one lucky person is going to win their very own p-touch 1010. how about that?

so here are the rules of the game:
* you have until midnight PST on thursday, january 29th to enter.
* simply make a comment on this post to enter… i’d love to hear your favorite organizing tip, or how you’d use your very own p-touch labeler.
* anyone can enter (so tell your friends), although anonymous comments will be ignored unless accompanied by an email address.
* please, just one entry per person.
* the winner will be randomly picked & announced friday.


just spotted.

by @according2kelly on July 29, 2008

holey moleyjust spotted is having a giveaway! & we’ve pulled out all the stops! i promise, this is one giveaway you don’t want to miss! that’s right, we are giving away some of my favorite things… & you know how much i love anything from TOO FACED! it’s such a great prize, i really kinda wanted to keep it for myself. but seeing how that isn’t possible, maybe one of you lucky people will win!

good luck, may the force be with you, & be sure to read up on all of the ways to get some extra entries! check out the details regarding the giveaway HERE. but, hurry, the contest ends tuesday, august 5th.

as they say… why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?


& the winner is…

by @according2kelly on July 2, 2008

our randomly chosen winners of the giveaway featuring amy, too faced & me is…

joyce who said:

This has been such an amazing Birthday month for you! Thanks for being so generous! You are AWESOME!!

P.S. This giveaway is sweet!!

but, with so many entries, i thought i’d pick two additional lucky people to receive a tube of lash injection. those randomly chosen winners are…

tina who said:

Happy birthday! This one is so fun! I would love to get a pattern for the apron since I LOVE IT!! You are very kind to “Give”. Hopefully you receive a lot too!

& nancy who said:

Your month is almost over! I hope it as been a good one. I never win these things, but I still keep trying.

congratulations to all, & be sure to email me at so i can hook you up!

thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for participating this past month! it truly is better to give than receive! thanks for helping to usher me into a new decade. turning 30 has been so much fun! if this is any indication, then my 30’s are going to be awesome! thanks for playing & helping me celebrate my birthday!