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halloween i spy quilt

by @according2kelly on October 2, 2013

halloween i spy quilt
i spy a…


black cat
spidey web
candy corn
witches hat
falling leaf
silly bat


what do you “spy?”


(almost) wordless wednesday: super heroes united

by @according2kelly on October 27, 2010

this halloween batman, spiderman & wonder woman are joining forces to collect as much candy as they can & possibly battle a little evil along the way.

images via ana brandt.


happy halloween.

by @according2kelly on October 30, 2009

second star to the right, & straight on ’til morning.
image showing picture of peter pan, captain hook and tinkerbell halloween costumes

image of peter pan costume

image of captain hook costume

image of tinerbell costume

image of peter pan, captain hook and tinkerbell
images courtesy of ana brandt

want to see the entire costume parade?
check out last year’s buzz & woody, & the year before’s pirate family.


pumpkins, candy, & skully’s, oh my!

by @according2kelly on October 22, 2009

the decorations are finally up (about time, eh?
all i can say is, it’s been one of those kind of weeks months).
does it surprise you that the candy dish is already empty?
check out my whrrl story HERE, for a peek at some of my favorite
 halloween touches. how do YOU decorate for halloween?
leave me a link, i’d love to do a little blog-hopping this weekend!


it’s beginning to look like halloween.

by @according2kelly on October 16, 2009

finished. yep! costumes are finished (at least the kids’ are. costumes for me & the mr. are still in the works.) however, the house is still covered in a mess of glitter & tulle. any guesses on what we are going to be for halloween?


you’ve been BOO’ed!

by @according2kelly on October 5, 2009

around halloween, one of our favorite family traditions is to ding-dong-ditch friends & neighbors. we pack up several plates of goodies, attach the following poem & watch as the ghosts take over the neighborhood…

you’ve been BOO’ed!
the air is cool, it’s time for fall,
soon halloween will come to all
ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,
tricky witches at your door.

the spooks are after things to do,
in fact a spook brought this to you!!!
the treats that came with this short note,
are yours to keep, enjoy them both.

the excitement comes when friends like you,
will copy it & make it two,

we’ll all have smiles upon our faces,
no one will know who BOOed our places!

just be sure that you don’t tell,
keep it secret, hide it well.
please join the fun, the seasons here.
just spread these “BOO’s” & halloween cheer.

want to start the tradition in your neighborhood as well this year? print out your very own “you’ve been BOO’ed!” template HERE.


happy fall.

by @according2kelly on September 22, 2009

the temperature outside may once again be in the three digits,
but it is officially fall. have you broken out the candy corn yet?


this is halloween, this is halloween…

by @according2kelly on October 31, 2008

to infinity & beyond…

images courtesy of ana brandt photography


mod podged halloween frames

by @according2kelly on October 31, 2008

i was looking through pictures this morning when i realized i had never posted pictures of this years mod podged halloween frames. i love the fact that $1 frames from michael’s, some halloween-inspired scrapbook paper, a little wood stain & alot of mod podge can create such a fun little addition to my halloween decor. & i love being able to display each & every one of our halloween pictures from past years. i have to admit… i’m going to be a little sad, when it comes time to take it all down & pack it away for another year.


impromptu halloween party.

by @according2kelly on October 29, 2008

i love get-togethers, gatherings & parties. but i’m no martha stewart. my soirees rarely proper invitations, or even decorations. they’re usually spur of the moment events, that just sort of happen. today is an example of such an event. on monday i realized i had wednesday afternoon free. emails were sent & suddenly we had a party on our hands. at this exact moment of life, we are still deciding on menus & activities, but the following are definitely in the running:

veggie skeleton dip
creep crawly drinks
mummy dogs
lollipop cookies
spider pops
mini pumpkins
apple bites
horr-edible hands
pipe cleaner spiders
oragami bats