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not your mama’s craft night


by @according2kelly on November 17, 2008

last week we “celebrated” not your mama’s craft night. we picked up a few new talents & perfected some old “favorites”. (click on pictures to enlarge). christmas inspired mod podged frames (i tried something new & wrapped my $1 frame in some leftover fabric & i’m kinda lov’n the way it turned out). a few altered clipboards were made for the teachers in our lives, & then a little glass etching. we etched everything & anything that had a glass surface… pyrex pans, glass ornaments, glass plates, jars. the glass etching was just a touch more difficult than we thought it would be. it’s really not hard, we just had some issues with the bleeding. but thanks to THIS & THIS tutorial, we had lots of help. if you’re interested in any of the projects & have some questions, just let me know… although here are a few tips i thought i’d share:

i’ve worked alot with mod podge, & as much as i love the stuff, it’s always remains sticky, even after it dries. so finally i decided to read the directions & discovered… “hard coat mod podge dries clear with a non-tacky surface. if using glsss, matte or satin mod podge apply a clear acrylic sealer to the surface after it has cured.” ah ha! that answers sooo many questions, i better go out & pick me up a bottle of the hard coat mod podge.

if you are thinking about doing the glass etching, go for it! vinyl stickers work great, & i’ve got a gal who can hook you up. but you can also do it the old fashioned way with contact paper & an exacto knife. (you can also use the cricut for this. i borrowed a friend’s & it worked perfect!) the hardest part is finding the right pan or surface to etch. you want something with as little logo or raised writing of any kind. the new pyrex pans have HUGE logos, which made it somewhat difficult to etch (we had some bleeding issues, although if you use a credit card to go over those areas REALLY go, making sure to get a good “stick” it helps.) but seriously, you can etch anything that is glass, so use your imagination.

anyway… hope this provides some inspiration. and as always, happy crafting.


nymcn: crafter’s give back

by @according2kelly on August 8, 2008

summer has been crazy, leaving little, if no time, for crafting. luckily, last night we managed to get in a not your mama’s craft night summer session. we’ve done the green edition, we’ve made freezer paper stencils & done mod podge, we’ve played with our food, & recycled t-shirts. so we thought it was high-time we did something with a service-oriented twist. that’s how we happened upon good 4 girls an organization “making the world a better place… one pad at a time”.

you’ve probably already seen the ad campaign sponsored by tampax & always… you know, the commercials that explain that “for some girls in southern africa, getting their period means missing school for several days each month. that’s because they don’t have access to something many of us take for granted: feminine protection.” wow! to be honest, i’d probably never thought of it before. but i can’t even begin to imagine have to rely on rags, camel skin, or old newspapers.

so, we rallied the forces, gathered some supplies & set about to make as many of THESE (with a few variations, like adding a waterproof layer) as possible. as usual, the evening was full of laughter, good treats & lots of crafting. together we helped make “the world a better place… one pad at a time”. as always, feel free to craft along from the comfort of you own home.


nymcn wrap up.

by @according2kelly on June 18, 2008

how did you let me forget to post about not your mama’s craft night? we had the best time doing t-shirt transformations. the house was full of gals, sewing machines, good snacks & lots of conversation. using some old t-shirts we made tons of infant gowns (check it out up close & personal-like by clicking on the picture). some of the gals re-fashioned some men’s tees into shirts fitted especially for them, t-shirt dresses, bedazzled lounge pants (& yes, i said bedazzled!), & tons of of tee’s were transformed into pint-sized clothes for the little kiddos in our lives…. lots of stuff going on. everything was so dang cute. i made my infant gown as a gift, & i’ll admit i had a hard time giving it away… it was so soft, & boy how i loved those cowboy boots. i’m too lazy to post any other pictures… so check out what carrie, chelsey & chloe made. want to make your own? check out some of the links HERE.


who doesn’t have an old t-shirt?

by @according2kelly on June 5, 2008

it’s the first thursday of the month. do you know what that means? not your mama’s craft night (nymcn) will be in full force tonight. interested in crafting along from the comfort of your own home? then grab an old t-shirt, or two or three & get ready to transform them into anything & everything… make a cuter, more fitted shirt, or pants, a bag, or children’s clothes. seriously, the possibilities are endless! check out the following links, & get ready to get your craft on.

  • the incredible shrinking T (take a large T & make it into a fabulous fitted T, instructions available HERE.)
  • t-shirt lounge pants (make a large T into comfy crop pants). instructions available HERE.
  • transforming adult T’s into clothes for kiddos. (toddler pants or infant gowns)
  • or, check out here if you are ready to take your t-shirt refashioning to the next level.

image via flickr.


get your craft on.

by @according2kelly on May 8, 2008

i’m eagerly awaiting tonight’s not your mama’s craft night (nymcn). what projects are we tackling you ask? tonight we will be entering the world of felting. yep, although “felting” isn’t necessarily “new”, it’s definitely a craft craze. on tonight’s agenda? several projects from betz white’s book. want to craft along from the comfort of your own home? check out these projects HERE, HERE & HERE. and for some hints, trick & how-to’s, go HERE.

happy crafting.


nymcn wrap up

by @according2kelly on April 8, 2008

once again, not your mama’s craft night (nymcn) was a HUGE success. (we were crafting into the wee hours of the morning. the last “crafters” leaving around 1:30 am!) i think we’ve definitely addicted at least a few, if not many, newbies, to the wonderful-ness that is mod podge. (what’s not to love?) we seriously mod podged EVERYTHING in sight… tea pots, diaper cases, frames, magazine holders, clothes hangers, tin containers & even a root beer bottle or two! if you’ve never “worked” with mod podge, you gotta give it a try! just cut up your fabric or paper, slop on a little “podge” & go to town! can’t wait to see what next month’s installment of nymcn brings. suggestions anyone? (thanks chelsey for the pictures. click on them to enlarge… check out some of the projects up close & personal.)


i’m a little tea pot, short & stout.

by @according2kelly on April 2, 2008

getting ready for the april edition of not your mama’s craft night. this month’s projects revolve around mod podge, the featured project being these mod podged tea pots (although we have quite a few other projects up our sleeves). can you believe chelsey saw similar tea pots at anthropologie for $130? ouch! as much as i love my newly mod podged tea pot, i don’t think i could ever shell out that much for it! anyway… as always, feel free to craft along from the comfort of your own home!


saving the planet, one craft project at a time.

by @according2kelly on March 6, 2008

tonight “not your mama’s craft night” is going green. reduce, reuse, recycle is the theme of the night. a few of the projects we will be tackling are:

t-shirt bags – reuse an old t-shirt & make reusable shopping or grocery bag

magazine bowls & coasters – reduce your magazine stash! turn an old magazine into a bowl/ plate/ coasters

fusing plastic – recycle all of those plastic store bags (you know from target, the grocery store, etc.) into a reusable shopping or grocery bag, or a wallet, or a cosmetics bag…

feel free to craft along from the comfort of your own home… all the projects are super easy & totally addicting! personally, i can’t stop making fused plastic bags.


who says t-shirts are boring?

by @according2kelly on February 21, 2008

a couple of gal pals & i got together a couple weeks ago for the first (of hopefully many) “not your mama’s craft night”. instead of the basic sewing or scrap booking, we are trying to venture outside the craft box… share ideas, try something new & hopefully meet a friend or two, in the process. this month’s installment had us making freezer paper stencils. ridiculously easy, seriously fun, & very addicting! basically all you do is draw your design on the non-waxy side of the paper & cut it out using an exacto knife. then place the freezer paper waxy side down on your fabric & iron. viola! instant stencil. paint (using fabric paint of course!), let it dry & then peel away the stencil. most people would be finished at this point, but i couldn’t stop thinking how much cuter my tees would be with a little added umph! so, i headed to the sewing machine for a little extra embellishment. who knew freezer paper could provide hours of entertainment.