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halloween i spy quilt

by @according2kelly on October 2, 2013

halloween i spy quilt
i spy a…


black cat
spidey web
candy corn
witches hat
falling leaf
silly bat


what do you “spy?”


decisions, decisions.

by @according2kelly on April 15, 2009

way, way back, what seems like a zillion years ago, i thought i had things figured out. of course that particular quilt was more purple-y & girly in the traditional kind of way. but i pretty much assumed it had been hung on the wall to stay. but now that this quilt has arrived home & is currently testing out the spot on the wall, i’m having a hard time making a decision. it really isn’t that big of a deal, or at least that’s what the hubby is continually telling me. but, right now it is a big deal, at least to my sanity. this simple decision will have a huge, no astronomical impact on the entire room. whichever quilt is chosen will ultimately play a big part in the decision regarding what color to paint the powder blue dresser (perhaps a bright tangerine for a little pop! or maybe we don’t paint it at all?). it will also effect (or is it affect?) the wall hangings, light fixtures & all the other little odds & ends that will play apart of making this room “hers”… in the end, this simple quilt decision could totally & completely shape this little lady’s personality & life-to-be. okay, so maybe i am being just a bit over dramatic, it’s just the hormones talking. but seriously, this is a big decision, & i hate making decisions.



by @according2kelly on April 2, 2009

her walls are still (& probably will remain) a boring shade of beige. the recently purchased dresser is still powder blue & there isn’t a whole lot hanging in her closet. but yesterday, i did manage to hang a quilt on the wall, silently proclaiming the room “hers”. granted, i’m not promising that this particular quilt will stay on the wall, i am retaining the right to possibly make a change, depending on how this quilt turns out. but for now, it’ll due. so, just in case you were starting to worry that she was going to make her grand entrance into this world, & i wasn’t going to be prepared (because let’s face it, you might not be worried about that, but i certainly am)… i am still taking those “baby steps”, slowly, ever so slowly i’m making progress.


just in case you doubted me…

by @according2kelly on March 25, 2009

just in case you thought there was a slight possibility that i was exaggerating just a touch regrading my current mental state – here’s some proof. randomly & totally out of the blue, this week i decided i needed to sew a quilt for the baby. mind you, i’ve already sewn one quilt & several blankets. what i really should be working on is stocking her boudoir with clothes, that she might actually wear. but no, the bee in my bonnet insisted i sew another quilt… i was a little worried that my the other quilt i had made was a bit too girly – because it had purple & pink in it, gasp! so, i thought i needed another, more subtle-ly pink quilt. anyway, long story short – i sewed the quilt. but, when all was said & done, there were two patchwork squares driving me crazy. one square had two pieces of the exact same fabric touching at the corners (yes! just the corners were touching). the other square had two pieces of the exact same fabric separated by only one small square. when i actually thought about it, i knew i was being crazy. hello?! the ENTIRE quilt is patchwork. lots of different fabrics going on there. no one would ever notice, except for me. & yet, all day long, i kept looking at that quilt, letting those two little squares eat me up inside. until finally, i picked up my trusty seam reaper, un-picked my way to those devilish little squares & fixed the problem. when i was done, i really & truly felt like i could breathe again.

believe me now? i’m definitely on the fast-track to the funny farm. hopefully this baby arrives before i make it the entire way.

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work in progress.

by @according2kelly on January 29, 2009

i have to admit, it’s still hard to believe that i’m having a girl. already outnumbered 3 to 1, i was totally prepared to hear that another boy was on the way. so, it’s taken some time to adjust to the fact that this little one will be bundled in a little bit more pink than blue. & to tell you the truth, the thought of all that pink kinda scares me! so i’m starting slowly, i wouldn’t want to overwhelm my senses. this first quilt is actually more blue, with just a few touches of pink… it’s all about the baby steps.


it’s beginning to look a touch like christmas.

by @according2kelly on November 13, 2008

just putting the finishing touches on my newest quilt. (featuring michael miller’s christmas line, it’s called “christmas with a twist”. fitting don’t you think?) this is definitely putting me in the holiday spirit. i can’t wait to hang this bad boy on the wall.


cowboy up.

by @according2kelly on April 24, 2008

thought i’d take a moment to document one of my more recent adventures in quilting (click on picture to enlarge it). the fabric for this quilt have been sitting in my closet for over a year. luckily, some gals & i threw a cowboy themed baby shower & that was all i needed to get my butt in gear & whip this bad boy up. although, i did experience a few minor set-backs. for example, while cutting my fabric i realized i didn’t have enough of the main “cowboy” fabric. fortunately for me, at that exact aha! moment, a girlfriend was visiting of of the fabric meccas of the world. unfortunately though, they didn’t have my exact fabric, so i crossed my fingers, said a little prayer, and told her just to pick me up any cowboy fabric that had some red it in. amazingly enough, it all worked out in the end. now, i just have to keep the scissors out of gavin’s hands.


a slight mishap.

by @according2kelly on March 31, 2008

you know how i thought my most quilt was done? well, i guess gavin didn’t agree. he found a pair of scissors ( & when i say “found” i mean he climbed up onto the counter & got them off the top shelf in the cupboard where i was hiding them) & cut the binding. i guess he didn’t love it as much as i thought he would. so now i have a bit of repair work to do.


arrgh! i found me treasure map matey!

by @according2kelly on March 28, 2008

my little guy’s love of pirates runs deep. so i can’t think of anything better to grace his bed than a quilt made up entirely of “yo ho!” fabric & backed with a super soft minky. now i just have to work on getting him to actually sleep in his bed, instead of trying to escape all night long. (as always, click on the pictures to enlarge the detail.)


cutting on the bias.

by @according2kelly on March 12, 2008

let me be honest here, this post is mostly for my benefit. one day, i may want to cut my fabric on the bias again. & more than likely i’ll have forgotten how. (what’s cutting on the bias you ask? basically, instead of cutting your fabric in horizontal strips, you cut it on a 45 degree angle. it’s great for strips, checks… makes them lay at an angle. still confused? check out THIS picture of my quilt. see the how the stripes on the binding lay at angle? that’s because i cut the fabric on the bias.) and yes, before i get started, i realize there are lots of tutorials out, showing you how to cut on the bias. but all the ones i came across involved math & looked super confusing. although, the perk of using THIS how-to, is that when you are done cutting, your strips are already sewn together… but just looking at the diagrams gave me a headache. so, here’s how i do it… (a big thanks to abby for teaching me how!) click on each picture to enlarge & show all the fine little details.

step one: lay out your fabric, similar to a piece of paper (i use the selvedge edges as my top and bottom). now mentally, or literally, which ever works for you… mark each corner. starting with the top left & going clockwise, mark the corners with A,B,C & D (as shown below.)

step 2: fold corner A down diagonally, so that the top (selvedge) edge lines up with the side. when folded, corner A will be above corner C. (see picture below)

step 3: fold corner B down diagonally. you will basically be folding the crease created by step 2, in half. when folded, corner B will be above corner D, and your fabric will look like a little house: a triangle roof (we will call the tip of the roof or triangle: E) & a rectangle below. (see picture below)

step 4: fold corner B up to point E, once again, folding the crease in half. (see picture below)

step five: carefully flip the fabric over. instead of seeing the right side of the fabric near corner C & the wrong side near corner D, you want to see the right side of the fabric near corner D & the wrong side of the fabric near corner C. you also want to make sure that corner D is pointing down, with the long horizontal edge at the top. (see picture below)

step six: this step isn’t necessary, but i’ve found that if i fold the fabric in half, i can cut a strip with just one swish of my rotary. simply take corner C & fold it back over the fabric (to the left), making sure to keep the horizontal edges lined up. (see picture below)

step seven: line your ruler up with the horizontal edge & cut strips to your desired width. (see picture below) i prefer to cut them about 2.25″ wide.

step eight: viola! bias cut fabric.