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halloween night.

by @according2kelly on October 25, 2011

our favorite new read is marjorie dennis murray’s halloween night….

’twas halloween night, & all through the house
every creature was stirring, including the mouse;
the wall were aflutter with little brown bats,
while hordes of black spiders crept out of the cracks.
by the fire in the kitchen, the witch stirred her brew;
to make it more smelly, she threw in a shoe.

reminiscent of the well-known “night before christmas”, this book details the goings-ons & halloween preparations of a haunted house & it’s inhabitants. my boys love the incredible illustrations & get a kick out ogre & olaf, the twin ogre brothers. halloween night will definitely put in the halloween spirit. & if your family is anything like ours, you too will be reading it night after night after night.


i’m dirty & i stink.

by @according2kelly on June 3, 2009

if you have boys & they like trucks, they will LOVE i’m dirty & i stink.



by @according2kelly on August 4, 2008

have YOU read it yet? thoughts? feelings?


the giving tree.

by @according2kelly on December 24, 2007

okay, so it’s not your typical christmas story. but it’s one of all time favorites. & as i was readding it to the boys last night i realized that this story truly encompasses what the entire christmas season is all about – giving part, if not all of ourselves, to others. the whole “reason for the season” is to celebrate the greatest gift of all – the birth of christ.

for god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, thatwhosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (john 3:16)

read the story of the giving tree HERE, or buy it HERE.


the christmas orange.

by @according2kelly on December 21, 2007

all this talk about oranges has reminded me of another favorite story… the christmas orange. it’s such a sweet reminder of what the true meaning of christmas is all about. (wrap the story up with some oranges & it’s perfect for gifting!)


why christmas trees aren’t perfect…

by @according2kelly on December 19, 2007

another favorite we like to read around the holidays is why christmas trees aren’t perfect. it’s a cute story about a young christmas tree who sacrifices his “beauty” and “perfect shape” to provide shelter to the animals of the forest. in the end, to the shock & amazement of all the other trees the queen chooses our young tree to reign in honor as the kingdom’s christmas tree. in turn, teaching & reminding everyone that perfection is not important, but rather living for the sake of others makes us most beautiful in the eyes of God. read the complete story HERE, or buy it HERE.


the tale of the three trees.

by @according2kelly on December 17, 2007

one of my favorite christmas traditions is reading the tale of the three trees. it’s a beautiful story about three trees that grow up to be jesus’ manger, boat & cross. read it HERE, or buy it HERE.


required reading

by @according2kelly on September 11, 2007

recently, mama jo, little miss whit & i were discussing books. now mind you, i wasn’t always such an avid reader. in fact, i think i struggled with reading until about third grade. it was then that a very wise grandma introduced me to a girl name nancy drew, from that day i was hooked. lucky for me, i grew up in a houseful of books, so feeding my addiction was never a problem.

so here it is. my list of all time favorites. some are classics, some aren’t. some will make you think & others are just fun to read. they probably aren’t your favorites, but you might find a book or two that you like. enjoy & happy reading!

shadow castle
anne of green gables
the once and future kingthe mists of avalonpride and prejudiceballet shoesgood to greatthe power of positive thinkingthe giving treeemmato kill a mockingbirdgone with the windlittle womenthe secretcatch 22hatcheta wrinkle in timethe chronicles of narniaalexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

so what are your favorite books, the ones you read over & over?


i’m such a copycat.

by @according2kelly on August 27, 2007

a couple of weeks ago i had never heard of the twilight series of books. and then suddenly, everywhere i went, every blog i read, every person i knew was talking about it. seriously, vampires?! but then i found myself in the book store searching for it. hey if EVERYONE is reading it, i didn’t want to miss the bandwagon.

so i’ve finished all three, and i have to say, i’ve got kind of mixed emotions. i liked the books, but i didn’t LOVE them. maybe it was just too much hype? did i expect too much? but the kicker is… i definitely don’t understand everyone’s obseesion with edward! sure he’s beautiful, rich & intelligent. but why would you want him? i’d much rather crush on jacob!


i’ll admit it, i’m a total nerd!

by @according2kelly on July 22, 2007

halfway around the world, in a totally foreign land, i’ve still managed to find myself an english copy of harry potter! hopefully i’ll have time to finish it before we get home…