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chapman 5k

by @according2kelly on April 1, 2011

i’ve done triathlons. i’ve ran half marathons. i’ve even completed an entire marathon. but i’ve never managed to tackle the 5K… until now. thanks to the chapman 5K, i can officially check the 5K off my list too.

team sparkle

chapman: 5K 24 min | 22.7 seconds

said to be the flattest, fastest, funnest & most fabulous race ever. although, truth be told – i think team sparkle brought the fabulousness! we did have runners in nearly every age bracket, including several “junior” team sparkle members & one very pregnant runner (just 3 weeks shy of delivery!). not to mention team sparkle had TWO podium finishes…. who says real athletes (& fast runners) can’t sparkle & run pretty too? honestly though, when everyone is cheering you on – it’s hard not to run fast.


team sparklechapman 5K by the numbers:

* 6th place in my age division
* 43rd place overall female
* 194th place overall (men & women)
* 24 min & 22.7 seconds total 5K (3.11 miles) time
* 7: 52 pace

“runners just do it – they run for the finish line…

even if someone else has reached it first.”

– author unknown




eat. blog. run.

by @according2kelly on September 14, 2010

when i said i would run another relay in a heartbeat, i was serious. literally one week after running the southern california ragnar relay, i packed my bags & headed north to join eleven other amazing ladies bloggers to run the relay.

prior to the relay, most of us were complete & total strangers to one another – at least in real life. however, virtually, is another story, all together. lead by our fearless leader, our captain my captain, marie of make and takes, a rock-star running roster was assembled that included: sherry & samantha of garza girls, heather of rookie moms, christine of boston mamas, linsey of sv moms group & me too you, meg of fox and bunny  and woodpecker stew, karianna of karianna spectrum, brenna of barefoot brenna, emmie of life behind the curve, carrie of this mama makes stuff. together we formed, most likely the absolutely very first: all woman, all blogger, sparkle skirt wearing, gmc acadia driving, 200 mile running relay team.

oh the stories i could tell you. the secrets i could spill. but what happened in the gmc acadia, stays in the gmc acadia. that being said, if you ever need someone “at your back,” these ladies are definitely the first you should call… when my previous relay’s injury, made it impossible for me to run more than 2.5 miles (stiff legged hobble & all, i still managed to run at a 10 minute pace), these ladies picked up the slack, 14.2 miles of slackitude that is.

12 running bloggers (wearing a rainbow of team sparkle skirts) + 200 miles (running from napa valley to the pacific ocean) + 36 hours (yes! we ran day & night) + 20ish u-turns + 47 bathroom stops + 2  gmc acadias + 1 night camping under the golden gate bridge + 1 to-die-for country inn & suites breakfast + literally 100s of compliment on our sparkle skirts = one incredible experience known as eat. blog. run.

p.s. want to re-live our ENTIRE eat. blog. run. experience? check our whrrl story HERE. watch us gear up, carb up, load up & run.

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officially a marathoner.

by @according2kelly on July 15, 2010

pre-dawn runs, ice baths, the constant aroma of bengay, blackened toenails (& a few that were lost all together), a diet of energy bars, gels and goos,  & the oddest tan lines you’ve ever seen (thanks to the tape i wore around my knees)… these are the sort of things that happen when you are a marathoner. it still sounds weird – almost unbelievable. really & truly, even i still have a hard time believing i ran an entire marathon, a full 26.2 miles. even now (months later), it’s still an experience that i have a hard time describing with words. it all seems so – surreal. but maybe that’s because for 26.2 miles i ran along an amazingly beautiful, practically breathtaking, oceanfront course.

miles 1-2: my partners in crime (carrie and elise) & i, started this adventure together. geared up in our super-fabulous-extremely-popular-you-can-spot-us-from-a-mile-away team sparkle running skirts, we started on PCH with the ocean on one side of us & the hilton waterfront beach hotel on the other. as we ran north along PCH, you could feel the excitement & energy of the crowd. as we passed the huntington beach pier, i got tingles when i realized the next time i saw it, i would be at mile 25.

miles 2-9: just past the second mile marker we encountered our first “retro surf band,” who was un-appropriately playing “walk, don’t run.” at mile 3, all of us girls were still together,  running a 8:59 minute/ mile pace, with a split time of 26:56 minutes – right on track for our goal of finishing in under four hours. (i know, i know, seeing that this was our FIRST marathon, technically our goal should have been simply to finish – but we had trained to finish in under four hours, & i just knew we could do it.)

around mile 6-ish, we were still running a 8:58 minute/ mile pace, with a split time of 53:6 minutes. as we headed into huntington central park, we were cheered on by family, friends & strangers. i can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments we received & how much attention our skirts got (& there was definitely some skirt envy from some of the other runners). i told you you… they are super-fabulous-extremely-popular-you-can-spot-us-from-a-mile-away team sparkle running skirts. it was good the skirts provided that extra bit of umph!, because just as we approached mile 9 we encountered the course’s only incline, which ultimately separated me from the group. leaving me to run the remainder 17 miles alone.

miles 9-15: after having my bum handed to myself on a silver platter by the hill (which separated me from girls, leaving me to run a very lonely race), it was time to take a stroll through the bolsa chica reserve. okay, don’t get all up in arms – we didn’t actually run through the bolsa chica reserve, just along side of it. too bad i was too busy saying “thank you,” & checking my pace to pay any attention to the 300 acre ecological wonder, nor any of the amazing wildlife & migratory birds. at this point i realized how hard it is to run alone… without anyone running along side of me, pushing me, by mile 12.2 my pace had slowed to 9:20 minutes/ mile, with a split time of 1:53:47.

miles 16-25: mile 16 was a turning point for me. not because from there on out we ran along a beachfront running path, which really was both beautiful & amazing; but because from there on out i stopped at EVERY single port-a-potty and bathroom stall along the way. without going into too many details, let’s just say that the run from mile 16-25 is an “out & back.” meaning we ran to the end of the beachfront running path, turned around & ran back along the very same path. & when i say i stopped at EVERY single port-a-potty and bathroom stall along the way, i mean that literally. after 20 bathroom breaks, i stopped keeping track – it was just too depressing. all this work, all this training & instead of running a marathon, I seemed to be merely running a sprint between bathrooms (i even got locked it one! oy vey!). at mile 20.9 i had slowed considerably to a 10:31 minute/ pace with a split time of 3:39:43.

mile 25: with just a mile to go, i felt amazingly refreshed – perhaps it was all the quality, quiet, kid-free bathroom time i had just had (i wished i had ran with my latest copy of people), or maybe it was the fact that i had just one mile to go. either way, once the huntington beach pier came into view, it seemed as if the entire world slowed down & everyone around me was chanting & cheering just for me. no really, they were chanting & cheering just for me – it’s not like every girl out there is wearing a sparkle skirt. so trust me when i say, i KNOW they were all cheering for ME, & let’s just say that from that point on, there was an extra bit of sparkle in each & every step.
mile 26.2: happy. overjoyed. ecstatic. these are just some of the words i would use to describe that moment. but honestly, there really are no words for it. hello?! i had just ran an entire, freaking marathon. that’s a full 26.2 miles or 138, 435 feet if you prefer. i’m the first to admit i was a wee bit disappointed in my time – with an overall pace of 10:48 minutes/ mile, i ran the entire race in 4:42:54… quite a bit off from my estimated, & hoped for, 4 hour finish time. i guess that’s what happens when you spend half the race in a bathroom. oh well, i guess i’ll just have to run another.

final stats: placed 1460 out of 2359 runners overall. placed 517 out of 967 women. came in 84th of out 137 women in the women’s 30-34 division. oh, & in case you were wondering about my girls… they finished strong, & kicked a little but along the way: elise finished in 4:03:45 & carrie finished in 4:06:09. way to go team sparkle!




by @according2kelly on October 14, 2009

absurd, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazy, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad, maniacal, mental, nuts, nutty, out of my mind, & psycho are just a few of the words you might use to describe me. & don’t worry, I won’t be offended, because i’m kinda wondering if i’ve fallen off my rocker. i kept saying i wasn’t going to do it.  but then carrie started enticing me with promises of a sequin running skirt. & i’m not gonna lie, i really want a turquoise running skirt. so i succumbed to the peer pressure. better live it up now, training starts next week for the surf city usa FULL marathon. 26.2 miles is a long way to run, i hope i have it in me. being a total newbie i am extremely open to any & all tips and suggestions!


151 minutes of toe tapping music

by @according2kelly on September 9, 2009

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i spent a lot of time creating the “perfect” running playlist… chock-full of tunes that would get my feet moving & my heart pumping. unfortunately, i was too blonde, or maybe it was too early in the morning, or perhaps i was just a little bit nervous – whatever the case, i couldn’t figure out how to work my cool new earphones. that is, until 5 minutes after the race was over, when it occurred to me to check the volume control on the earphones. (did i mention i was blonde?) so, i ended up running sans any musical motivation. but, i received so many inquiries about my 1/2 marathon playlist i decided to make it available to the “masses.” you can check it out HERE.

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i lost my virginity this weekend.

by @according2kelly on September 8, 2009


early sunday morning, along with about 13,000 people, i laced up my sneakers, loaded up the playlist & hit the pavement running… for my first ever 1/2 marathon.

although running 13.1 miles is definitely a daunting task, it’s a wee bit easier when you have a friend or two by your side (or at least in the near vicinity).

with an “official chip time” of 2 hours, 13 minutes & 15 seconds and a division place of 239 (of 1252 women ages 30-34), i’m feeling pretty good about myself. not bad for a gal 4 months & 4 days post baby, & about two weeks of training. now the question is, what’s next?


playlist emergency.

by @according2kelly on May 27, 2009

i made caramel crack this past weekend & unfortunately, it’s as yummy and addicting as ever – so, i’ve been nibbling at it ever since. (the rolled oats make it a practical choice for breakfast!) & although it is definitely delicious, i am no longer “with child”, so i can no longer blame any weight gain on the fact that i’m eating for two. seeing as i’m not planning on giving up desserts any time soon, i really need to stick to my running regime. but, it’s hard to coax my lazy bum out the door when i’ve got no “tunes” to get me motivated, energized & ready to “feel the burn.”

i am definitely in need of a new playlist that will get my toes tapping & my heart racing… any suggestions? i’d love to hear from you – what’s your favorite song or songs that get you going? i’ve got an itunes gift card that i’m just itching to spend. any ideas? play my little game & there just might be an itunes gift card in store for you too, at least one of you that is!


today, my running shoes came out of retirement.

by @according2kelly on May 21, 2009

luckily, their forced retirement was short-lived… boy did it feel good to tie those babies on. & within moments of tying my laces, gigi came running, ready to hit the pavement with me. seeing as she has put on a few sympathy pounds, as i’ve continually gained more & more weight over the last several months, i guess it’s only fitting that she accompany me. unfortunately, the whole “running” part didn’t come as easily as i imagined. in fact, today i realized that i run like a girl. actually, i run more like a granny – some one’s great granny that is.

i started out strong. going up the hill i was feeling pretty good. but it didn’t take long for me to realize how out of shape i am. pretty soon i was huffing & puffing along. my steps started to slow, if not drag. good thing i had brought gigi along – she was able to pull me along. i may have been slow (so slow, i probably could have walked faster) but i didn’t stop once, & i never walked… i just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

i wouldn’t say i ran very far, but, it was a start. by the time we were done, both gigi & i were exhausted. gigi’s tongue was nearly dragging on the pavement & mine probably looked pretty similar. not only was i tired, but i felt like all my girly parts were going to fall out – like i just had another baby… but i’m sure that was just all the fat melting away.

& how did i celebrate this first post-pregnancy workout? by finishing up the remainders of a tub of coffee heath bar crunch. okay, so that doesn’t exactly help me eliminate the big fat post pregnancy butt i’ve developed, but it’s all about the baby steps here.