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hip hip hooray!

by @according2kelly on January 21, 2008

gavin turns
three today!


it’s time to celebrate!

by @according2kelly on November 2, 2007

as i’ve mentioned before, little o just recently turned one. we celebrated the actual day at the happiest place on earth… eating hot dogs & churros, spending time with winnie the pooh & buzz lightyear, & getting the boys’ faces painted. however, we waited until halloween to open presents, blow out the candles & eat cake. nothing beats the sight of a little guy digging in & chowing down on birthday cake!


a year in review.

by @according2kelly on October 27, 2007

break out the birthday candles & wrap the presents because owen turns ONE today! crazy! he is definitely a little kid now. i may still call him my baby, but he really is a little boy. when i look back i’m amazed at how much he has grown & all the things we’ve done in just one year. o has been to hawaii twice, turkey, greece & france, utah half a dozen times & disneyland more times than i can count. heavens! what a busy little guy! as i watch him, i realize that in so many ways he is exactly like his big brother gavin, but at the same time, they are totally & completely different. little o just likes to sit quietly and take everything in. don’t get me wrong, he can get very, very loud, but he just seems to be really aware & intrigued by his surroundings. he loves to follow gavin around… no matter what tortures gav bestowed upon him, owen is always quick to follow gavin again & again. at one, he almost has four teeth. i say almost, because his two front top & bottom teeth have begun to make an appearance. o seems to be on the verge of walking. he’s at this kinda funny stage… he knows he can walk, he’s done it before, but he’s just not quite sure he wants to… he seems to realize he can actually keep up with gavin when he crawls, as opposed to walking. although, jeff thinks he walks when no one is looking – we’re always finding him standing up, just chilling in the middle of the room. when owsers smiles it’s like watching a cartoon character, his cheeks get all big & puff out to the sides like the are full of marbles. he LOVES to eat. he’ll eat everything in sight, & most nights he would win an eating contest between him & gavin. i love my little guy… i can’t wait to see what this next year brings! i’m so grateful to have him in my life.


30 years…

by @according2kelly on September 15, 2007

happy anniversary mom… wow! 30 years. that’s a long time. oh dear, if you folks have been married for 30 years, that means in just over 9 months i too will be 30. yikes! i don’t want to think about it.

maybe dad will make it back from his “business trip” in time to celebrate. probably not though, he is a dedicated employee. at the very least i hope he buys you some nice jewelry, you deserve it!

now on a more serious note… thank you for always being such an incredible example of love, commitment & absolute devotion. i am so glad you married the “bad boy” all because of the cute kids he promised you would have. (you can read about in my mom’s own words HERE.) now you have four wonderful children (the eldest being extremely beautiful & the others are also fairly good looking), three grandchildren & a lifetime of memories. i love you!


wedded bliss.

by @according2kelly on August 11, 2007

six years ago today i made the best decision ever… i married my best friend. sometimes i look back and can’t believe it’s only been six years, i can’t imagine my life without jeff. together we’ve done it all… feed the sharks in bora bora, saw britney spears in concert, survived the wilds of austrailia, had two darling little boys & a pup named gigi, sailed the spanish coast, remodeled our entire house – ourselves, got lost in italy, went to the winter olympics, surfed in hawaii, cheered for the angels more times than i can count, snowboarded beneath the shadows of the matterhorn, made it out of canada alive, practically lived at disneyland – we’ve been so many times, graduated law school, kissed the blarney stone, finished my MBA program, scootered around greece.

we are living proof that you can find a happy ending anywhere…
even a crummy job at sundance.


happy birthday kerry june!

by @according2kelly on August 5, 2007

i can’t believe the baby of the family is turning 18,
has graduated high school & is going off the college!
happy happy birthday!


happy birthday wilbur!

by @according2kelly on August 2, 2007

you’re a great brother, every girl should be so lucky… hope you have a wonderful day. wish we were with you to celebrate.


happy birthday jeffy!

by @according2kelly on July 15, 2007

happy happy birthday, it’s your special day!

thanks for being my best friend, a great husband & a wonderful dad. you’re the greatest!


happy birthday little brother!

by @according2kelly on June 25, 2007


graduation day.

by @according2kelly on June 15, 2007

congratulations kerry!while tackling life, always remember the words of abe lincoln:

whatever you are, be a good one.