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remember, they’re boys.

by @according2kelly on March 26, 2008

they don’t care that we’re in paradise. they don’t care that there’s a waiter nearby, ready & willing to deliver whatever our little hearts desire. they don’t care that the beach can be their playground, or that they can swim all day & night. all they care about is playing with trucks. they are definitely boys.


total relaxation.

by @according2kelly on March 26, 2008


welcome to island life.

by @according2kelly on March 26, 2008

you know your vacation is going to be absolutely wonderful when you walk in the doors of the hotel & are greeted by an artist’s palette of cookies (including edible markers that the kiddos can use to decorate their soon to be eaten cookies with), bath sponges spelling out each child’s name & a popcorn bucket full of all sorts of yummy goodness. do you think they’d mind if i just moved in permanently?


they say "there’s no place like home."

by @according2kelly on March 26, 2008

& while i will admit this to be true – i must say i LOVE to travel. near or far, exotic or ordinary… i’m always ready to pack a bag & be on my way. so here i sit, with a pile of luggage stacked neatly by the door, loads of vacation laundry to be done & a house that needs to be tidied following the “we’re leaving for an island paradise & we’re running late as always” hurricane. of course, there are zillions of other things i should be doing, in order to re-enter the world of reality, but instead, i’d rather just relax a little bit longer, look at some pictures & relive our week (and then some) in paradise. so, put a cute little umbrella in your drink & join me as i do a little reminiscing.

image of waimea bay, taken yesterday, as we whizzed by in the car.



by @according2kelly on March 18, 2008

greetings from the beautiful state of hawaii. when i’m not too busy playing at the beach or laying out at the pool drinking cool, frothy drinks, i might get around to posting a picture or two. but i’m not making any promises as to when that will be… until then, you’ll just have to settle for this picture of gavin showing off his swimming skills. (i still can’t believe that he did belly flop after belly flop.)


the bags are packed.

by @according2kelly on March 14, 2008

actually, they aren’t. i a huge procrastinator. and unless it’s last minute, sometimes it’s hard for me to get anything done. but, i am pleased to announce that the last of the laundry is being done, so that the bags soon can be packed, & i’m hoping to pack light (we’ll see how that goes!). still on the checklist? i must not forget to charge the ipods,
& load some new movies for the kiddos (i love technology! movies on the ipod keep the little ones entertained for hours & i no longer have to lug around a portable dvd player), pick up some new aquadoodles & few other surprises for the plane, & most important – i can not, must not forget the airplane harness. (i don’t know if i could travel without it, it definitely helps save my sanity while on an airplane). so what tricks do you have for traveling with kids?

image via flickr.


while we’re on the subject of traveling…

by @according2kelly on January 15, 2008

i love all things travel related… mini suitcases, vintage luggage labels, old travel postcards & posters. (i think you get the idea.) but most of all, i love maps. big or small, flat or round, i love them all. so it’s no surprise to me, that while watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the wall map totally caught my eye. (click on the picture to enlarge it.) i’ve always loved the idea of having a huge wall map… either in the kid’s room or perhaps in a game room or office. i’ve toyed with the idea of “sticking pins” in the places we’ve visited, but this idea is so much better. instead of your basic push pin, they’ve used postcards & pictures to signify special locations. i loved it when the little boy was asked “do you remember where england is?” & he replied “it’s the one with the big clock”. i seriously LOVE this idea, it goes way behind your basic geography lesson. i found a similar map HERE, unfortunately they are all sold out, although i did spy a few on ebay. obviously there are probably hundreds of map options out there, but i kinda like THIS one, THIS one, or THIS one. oh, & THIS one too.


not to brag or anything…

by @according2kelly on November 27, 2007

but thanksgiving in mexico was absolutely wonderful! incredible views, good food, white sandy beaches, refreshing pools, what’s not to love? we spent our days sipping frothy strawberry & coconut smoothies by the pool, building sand castles at the beach, drifting in the lazy river & watching the sunset from the hot tub. everyone had a great time, especially the kids (they are getting to be such good little travelers!). here are some of my favorite pictures…


& the tradition continues…

by @according2kelly on November 19, 2007

previously i’ve mentioned that we don’t really “do” thanksgiving. i mean we celebrate it every year (that is if you count the steak dinner we had that time in manzanillo), but we don’t “do” it in the traditional way. pretty much every year since my sophomore year in college we’ve gone away for thanksgiving. often times we go to hawaii, but we’ve also been know to head to places like disneyland. after the little travel snafu we encountered this past summer & all the hard work it took to get these in just three days (not an easy task at all), we figured we needed to get busy filling the pages of those spanking new passports with some foreign stamps. so saturday we packed our bags (and obviously the picture isn’t of my bags, but a girl can dream can’t she? who wouldn’t want vintage louis vouitton luggage?), & headed of to mexico, punta mita to be exact. it’s absolutely beautiful & there are bowls of chips & guacamole everywhere you look… definitely my version of heaven!


salt lake ink

by @according2kelly on August 22, 2007

so we’ve been a little busy lately. late sunday night we packed up the car (1 motorcycle, 2 mountain bikes, and enough clothes for an indefinite stay), buckled the kids up & headed to salt lake, utah. lucky for me, both kids slept the entire trip, and jeff drove nearly the whole way. no big plans for our stay… just helping all the kids (russy & kerry) get ready for school.

today was fun though, we did something very exciting… mom, kerry & i got tattoos! for kerry & me it was a definite first. once in austria, i had contemplated getting a tattoo… however, i wimped out, knowing my mom would die when she found out. i never would have guessed that she would be the one to talk me into getting it done. i was so jealous of her last year, so when she announced she was getting tattooed again, i knew i had to do it too! now i never have to put on eyeliner again! (yep, i’m still pretty much a wimp… i just had my eyeliner tattooed on. hope i didn’t disappoint you!)