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officially a marathoner.

by @according2kelly on July 15, 2010

pre-dawn runs, ice baths, the constant aroma of bengay, blackened toenails (& a few that were lost all together), a diet of energy bars, gels and goos,  & the oddest tan lines you’ve ever seen (thanks to the tape i wore around my knees)… these are the sort of things that happen when you are a marathoner. it still sounds weird – almost unbelievable. really & truly, even i still have a hard time believing i ran an entire marathon, a full 26.2 miles. even now (months later), it’s still an experience that i have a hard time describing with words. it all seems so – surreal. but maybe that’s because for 26.2 miles i ran along an amazingly beautiful, practically breathtaking, oceanfront course.

miles 1-2: my partners in crime (carrie and elise) & i, started this adventure together. geared up in our super-fabulous-extremely-popular-you-can-spot-us-from-a-mile-away team sparkle running skirts, we started on PCH with the ocean on one side of us & the hilton waterfront beach hotel on the other. as we ran north along PCH, you could feel the excitement & energy of the crowd. as we passed the huntington beach pier, i got tingles when i realized the next time i saw it, i would be at mile 25.

miles 2-9: just past the second mile marker we encountered our first “retro surf band,” who was un-appropriately playing “walk, don’t run.” at mile 3, all of us girls were still together,  running a 8:59 minute/ mile pace, with a split time of 26:56 minutes – right on track for our goal of finishing in under four hours. (i know, i know, seeing that this was our FIRST marathon, technically our goal should have been simply to finish – but we had trained to finish in under four hours, & i just knew we could do it.)

around mile 6-ish, we were still running a 8:58 minute/ mile pace, with a split time of 53:6 minutes. as we headed into huntington central park, we were cheered on by family, friends & strangers. i can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments we received & how much attention our skirts got (& there was definitely some skirt envy from some of the other runners). i told you you… they are super-fabulous-extremely-popular-you-can-spot-us-from-a-mile-away team sparkle running skirts. it was good the skirts provided that extra bit of umph!, because just as we approached mile 9 we encountered the course’s only incline, which ultimately separated me from the group. leaving me to run the remainder 17 miles alone.

miles 9-15: after having my bum handed to myself on a silver platter by the hill (which separated me from girls, leaving me to run a very lonely race), it was time to take a stroll through the bolsa chica reserve. okay, don’t get all up in arms – we didn’t actually run through the bolsa chica reserve, just along side of it. too bad i was too busy saying “thank you,” & checking my pace to pay any attention to the 300 acre ecological wonder, nor any of the amazing wildlife & migratory birds. at this point i realized how hard it is to run alone… without anyone running along side of me, pushing me, by mile 12.2 my pace had slowed to 9:20 minutes/ mile, with a split time of 1:53:47.

miles 16-25: mile 16 was a turning point for me. not because from there on out we ran along a beachfront running path, which really was both beautiful & amazing; but because from there on out i stopped at EVERY single port-a-potty and bathroom stall along the way. without going into too many details, let’s just say that the run from mile 16-25 is an “out & back.” meaning we ran to the end of the beachfront running path, turned around & ran back along the very same path. & when i say i stopped at EVERY single port-a-potty and bathroom stall along the way, i mean that literally. after 20 bathroom breaks, i stopped keeping track – it was just too depressing. all this work, all this training & instead of running a marathon, I seemed to be merely running a sprint between bathrooms (i even got locked it one! oy vey!). at mile 20.9 i had slowed considerably to a 10:31 minute/ pace with a split time of 3:39:43.

mile 25: with just a mile to go, i felt amazingly refreshed – perhaps it was all the quality, quiet, kid-free bathroom time i had just had (i wished i had ran with my latest copy of people), or maybe it was the fact that i had just one mile to go. either way, once the huntington beach pier came into view, it seemed as if the entire world slowed down & everyone around me was chanting & cheering just for me. no really, they were chanting & cheering just for me – it’s not like every girl out there is wearing a sparkle skirt. so trust me when i say, i KNOW they were all cheering for ME, & let’s just say that from that point on, there was an extra bit of sparkle in each & every step.
mile 26.2: happy. overjoyed. ecstatic. these are just some of the words i would use to describe that moment. but honestly, there really are no words for it. hello?! i had just ran an entire, freaking marathon. that’s a full 26.2 miles or 138, 435 feet if you prefer. i’m the first to admit i was a wee bit disappointed in my time – with an overall pace of 10:48 minutes/ mile, i ran the entire race in 4:42:54… quite a bit off from my estimated, & hoped for, 4 hour finish time. i guess that’s what happens when you spend half the race in a bathroom. oh well, i guess i’ll just have to run another.

final stats: placed 1460 out of 2359 runners overall. placed 517 out of 967 women. came in 84th of out 137 women in the women’s 30-34 division. oh, & in case you were wondering about my girls… they finished strong, & kicked a little but along the way: elise finished in 4:03:45 & carrie finished in 4:06:09. way to go team sparkle!



menu monday mania

by @according2kelly on April 19, 2010

this week is all about carbo loading i made a last minute decision to join a team of racers running the southern california ragnar relay.  seriously though, what am i thinking? running back-to-back 200 mile races? let’s just say there will be lots of carbs, lots of ice & lots of advil involved. with that… here’s my carbo-heavy menu plan.

* monday: lasagna
* tuesday: mexican chicken & rice soup
* wednesday: chili
* thursday: mediterranean pasta
* friday: the kids & hubby are gonna have to fend for themselves, seeing as i’ll be a wee bit busy.

next i’m hoping to whip up some tikka masala. anyone have a fabulous recipe they’d love to share? & as always, please share your own menus & if you have any brilliant pasta recipes, share those too! with so many races coming up, i see a lot of pasta in our future!


wordless wednesday: bathing beauty

by @according2kelly on April 14, 2010


menu monday mania

by @according2kelly on April 12, 2010

seriously… i’ve got to start menu planning on saturday or sunday. thinking of meals monday morning just makes me hungry. & being hungry for chicken curry this early in the morning just isn’t a good thing. now i’m going to think about & crave it all day long. i think i’m going to think about cupcakes instead – at least they are prettier. so what are you craving for dinner tonight?

* monday: chicken curry
* tuesday: the absolutely easiest chicken tacos ever
* wednesday: homemade noodles (& little bit of chicken) soup
* thursday: meatloaf
* friday: taco salad


self-induced coma

by @according2kelly on April 12, 2010

hello world! have you missed me? because i’ve definitely missed you. but honestly, i wouldn’t be at all surprised at all, to learn that there’s no one out there reading anymore. when you run away & hide for weeks (ok, more like months) you tend to lose any friends you might have once had. but i have to say, my self-induced coma was a necessary evil.

haven’t you ever felt like you just needed to get away from it all? life in general was just overwhelming me, & i don’t do well under pressure. (anyone else have queen’s “under pressure” lyrics running through their mind right about now? mm ba ba de. um bum ba de. um bu bu bum da de. pressure. pushing down on me. pressing down on you no man ask for.) but, i’m back & ready for action… hopefully.  although, part of me would prefer to keep my head buried in the sand, but i’ve realized that’s no way to live life.  i’ve decided that it’s high time i stop being so independent. i may be the self-proclaimed queen of isolation (remember, my hubby does call me the ice princess), i’m slowly learning (& it’s literally taking me years!), that building a wall around myself, & refusing to let anyone in, just isn’t doing the trick.  as much as i want to appear strong, i’ve finally realized that maybe i shouldn’t be going through this thing on my own – seriously, where’s the fun in that? so, as of today, i’m breaking down the wall & letting you all in. it might be a long & painful process, because i’ve become a master wall builder over the years. but slowly & surely, i am going to start taking down these bricks & begin “talking things out.”

i’ve never been someone who is very good at talking. sure, i can shoot the breeze for hours,  gossip about who’s doing what, or pontificate about my theories of life. but, when it comes to me spilling my guts & using the f word (feelings)… that is one area of conversation that is definitely taboo. but, i’m turning over a new leaf. so here i am, ready to wear my heart (& feelings) on my sleeve.  although i have to admit i’m not ready for complete honesty – if you were to actually ask me HOW i’m doing, i’ll probably respond “fine,” even if i’m full of all kinds of turmoil on the inside. but that’s ok – this is all about the baby steps.


menu mania monday: week 13

by @according2kelly on March 29, 2010

so we’re doing a little spring cleaning around the blog, if you haven’t noticed. so i apologize if everything isn’t working totally properly. but hopefully, sooner (rather than later) everything will be back in it’s place – as tidy as it’s always been. but don’t worry… i haven’t forgotten this week’s menu.

* monday: shepherds pie
* tuesday: rotisserie chicken & spinach tortellini salad
* wednesday: pizza
* thursday: cloudy with a chance of meatballs
* friday: poppy seed chicken

now what is your family having for dinner this week? i need lots of ideas!


wordless wednesday: take me out to the ball game.

by @according2kelly on March 24, 2010


under construction

by @according2kelly on March 24, 2010

i’m in the process of having a little work done… a nip here & a tuck there, basically a minor little face lift. you know – just some general sprucing up. i’m also in the process of a move, a virtual move that is. (although, if everything goes according to plan, you won’t even notice!)

please bear with me while the changes are being made! things should be back to normal in no time, which means posting will hopefully be back to normal too. in the meantime (just to make sure you don’t get lost along the way), be sure to subscribe to my feed HERE.


wordless wednesday: miles to go before we sleep

by @according2kelly on February 10, 2010


meet my new friends.

by @according2kelly on December 5, 2008

recently i’ve met some new gals & we’ve become fast friends. they are always ready to get their craft on & think everything i make is darling. i’d love to introduce you…
& ms. extraordinary
want to make some new friends of your own? go HERE.