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all i want for christmas…

by @according2kelly on July 20, 2009

i am currently lusting & drooling over THIS mixer. the candy apple red & clear mixing bowl are calling my name. sure, christmas might be many moons away. but you can be sure THIS baby is going to the top of my list. she’s pretty enough, she’d actually earn a continuous resting spot on my counter (my current mixer makes it’s home in the cupboard, when it’s not in use).

image via williams-sonoma.


i think i’m in love.

by @according2kelly on July 7, 2009

i’ll take one please.


vintage rulers.

by @according2kelly on October 10, 2008

one day i’ll have entire room dedicated completely to sewing (as opposed the kitchen table that is currently completely dedicated to sewing). when this day comes, i also have an unlimited budget with which to furnish said room. what’s on top of my must-have list (besides a vintage sewing machine or two?), THIS vintage ruler table &/or THIS stool. how cute are they? i love ’em.


attention fairy godmother.

by @according2kelly on July 31, 2008

i’m fairly certain that out there somewhere is my fairy godmother, or rather my fgm. so, just in case she is out there listening, or reading, whatever be the case, i just wanted to let her know that currently at the top of my wish list is THIS new stroller. & just because i like to help her out, & because i know she wants to hook me up with this fabulous new stroller, if she acts NOW, when she purchases me the stroller, she’ll get the doubles kit for FREE! at a savings of $100, that’s quite the deal! plus, it gets even better… because shipping is just a flat-rate of $7.99 on all orders! chaching!

so seriously, fgm, or anyone else who feels so inclined to, can send me THIS here stroller. i won’t mind a bit!


these are a few of my favorite things.

by @according2kelly on June 23, 2008

you may or may not remember that i am a complete purse addict. it’s such a quick & easy accessory… my closet is full of them (more so, then i’d like to admit). & harvey’s seat belt bags, are definitely some of my favorites. they are made from real seat belts, so you know the purses are going to be sturdy & wear well. THIS treecycle tote is one of personal favorite. it’s made from recycled seat belts (which makes me fell good about myself… i’m doing something good for the environment by buying it), it’s large enough to hold my big camera, my wallet, a couple of diapers, and all my other “stuff”, & because the seat belts are multi-colored, it goes with everything. view the entire harvey’s collection HERE. want to save some cash? find out about the “secret” sale HERE.


making me happy…

by @according2kelly on January 16, 2008

i’m loving all the pretty, new accessories i spied over at banana. the thought of stacking all those bangles on my arm just makes me smile.

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while we’re on the subject of traveling…

by @according2kelly on January 15, 2008

i love all things travel related… mini suitcases, vintage luggage labels, old travel postcards & posters. (i think you get the idea.) but most of all, i love maps. big or small, flat or round, i love them all. so it’s no surprise to me, that while watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the wall map totally caught my eye. (click on the picture to enlarge it.) i’ve always loved the idea of having a huge wall map… either in the kid’s room or perhaps in a game room or office. i’ve toyed with the idea of “sticking pins” in the places we’ve visited, but this idea is so much better. instead of your basic push pin, they’ve used postcards & pictures to signify special locations. i loved it when the little boy was asked “do you remember where england is?” & he replied “it’s the one with the big clock”. i seriously LOVE this idea, it goes way behind your basic geography lesson. i found a similar map HERE, unfortunately they are all sold out, although i did spy a few on ebay. obviously there are probably hundreds of map options out there, but i kinda like THIS one, THIS one, or THIS one. oh, & THIS one too.


this is me.

by @according2kelly on January 10, 2008

a friend of mine is in the midst of starting a new venture… and although she is still dotting her i’s & crossing the t’s, i was too excited & just couldn’t wait to post about it. so shhh! i’m offering you a sneak peak. i am tickled pink to introduce the this is me journal. her story is definitely one i (& probably you) can relate too. my friend spent forever searching high & low for the perfect “first journal.” she really wanted something similar to what she had as a kid… something for her “little ones” to record their thoughts & drawings. having no success in locating said journal, she created one & then decided to self-publish (wow!). resulting in the this is me journal… the perfect combination of “drawing, writing, creativity & simple scarpbooking to capture the years memories through your child’s eyes.” i’m already having visions of sitting around with my “boys” filling out their copies together. seriously… go check them out HERE. for only 20 bucks, they are a total steal! & don’t worry if you don’t have any little kiddos of your own, they would make the perfect gift!


that’s right, it’s road trip time. we packed up the kids & all the gear, and left warm & sunny california, for the snow. (i don’t know how i ever managed to live here, i freeze so easily!) as we drove & i watched the temperature continue to drop, i found myself wishing i had bought these cute mittens when i first saw them. “what appears to be an ordinary mitten is actually a mitten-within-a-mitten (for keeping mini fingers warm while holding hands). ” how perfect is that?

anyway… we will be busy playing in the snow, playing games, eating, visiting with family, shopping & snowboarding, so posting might be a bit “spotty.” in the meantime i hope you’re keeping yourself busy… setting & keeping those new years resolutions. we’re nearing the end of the first week of 2008, how’s it coming along so far? don’t worry if you’ve already had some setbacks, you know i have. (i ran 3 days this week, but i can already tell that this cold weather is going to do me in. & although i started out with a bang, cooking not only on sunday, but tuesday as well! but i left poor jeffy to fend for himself on wednesday while i frolicked around disneyland.) when you have a little snag, or hit the wall, you just have to remember:

the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (lao tzu)

so gone on… take that first one, then keep on stepping!


maybe i’ll learn to knit over the holidays…

by @according2kelly on December 14, 2007

that way i can make some cute little slippers for all the babies i know. (& then i can whip up my own stockings!) until then, i guess i’ll just have to buy them HERE. the toys & finger puppets are also adorable.